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Pyongyang, North Korea

Countries That Are Difficult to Visit

If you are a US citizen that feels like they are well-travelled, and you’re feeling like a new challenge, why not try gaining access to one of the countries that are notoriously hard for Americans to get into. After all, by now you’re probably sick of all the loud, obnoxious tourists you have to encounter […]

An Access Ramp for Disabled Travellers in Wheelchairs

Should the Travel Industry Do More for Disabled Travelers?

One of the many questions to rise out of this year’s Paralympics is: are we treating disabled travelers with the facilities and care they deserve? Wheelchair users are entitled to the same level of transport access as non-disabled users, however, easy access is by no means there yet. It would be unfair to ignore the improvements in […]


Travel and Theft: What to Do When Crime Occurs

No one wants to plan for all of the negative aspects that can happen on their vacation when they are traveling overseas or out-of-state. While doing this may be time-consuming, it can also help you avoid becoming a victim. It is fair to say that when your money, luggage, jewelry, or even your passport is […]

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