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With the exception of day-traveling, your next trip is bound to involve some kind of place to stay. The best hotels offer guests convenient access to local attractions, a variety of dining options, and a clean and safe place to call your temporary home. Your choice of hotels can be as important to your travel plans as where you travel to or what you do while you're there. Cheap hotels may help you save your budget for more important aspects of your travel, but make sure that you're not missing quality and cleanliness by choosing budget hotels. Luxury hotels offer extra services such as large rooms, great views, and spa services, but the added cost may be better spent elsewhere. Keep your priorities in mind while booking hotels for your trip. Finally, if you have a layover while reaching your destination, consider staying in an airport hotel, which provides convenient access to flight terminals as well as the amenities you expect from other hotels.

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8 Crazy Things that Hotel Guests have Asked the Concierge

In this day of insta-research via the World Wide Web, have hotel concierge services become a thing of the past? All signs point to no. It seems that the concierge desk doesn’t just answer questions and book the top Las Vegas shows for hotel patrons, they also take care of some seriously weird requests around […]

Westin Excelsior, Rome, Italy

World’s 3 Most Expensive Hotels

Financial crisis or not, there are a number of people in the world that still enjoy a nice getaway from time to time. Many of these people pay more for one night in a hotel room than many pay for an entire year’s worth of mortgage costs. So, just what makes these hotel rooms so […]

Lakeside Vacation Homes

Owning A Vacation Home – The Ultimate Convenience!

For most people, the highlight of their year is vacation time. If you are thinking about purchasing a vacation property, you should know that you have many options to choose from when it comes to ownership. Choosing the right type of holiday home ownership depends greatly on which would suit your lifestyle and your vacation […]


Hotel Safety Tips for your Family

Our hotel safety tips come in handy when you need to spend some quality time with your family someplace other than your living room sofa or local movie theater. Then it must be time for a family vacation! Vacation planning can be exciting and spark an adventurous spirit, but planning the details can be quite […]

A Guide to Couchsurfing

CouchSurfing – never heard of it? Don’t worry, many people haven’t. But while it may not quite have achieved the status of a household name just yet, CouchSurfing is big amongst people in the know and it’s changing the way people travel. In place of the traditional hotel and hostel stays, this new way of […]

Best Hostels around the World

Sometimes hostels get a bad rap, but they’ve come a long way from dingy dorm rooms, squeaky beds and smoke filled corridors. celebrates the best in hostels around the world in their Awards for Excellence and there are plenty of properties to choose from!  Here’s a quick round up of some of the key […]

Hotel Room

6 Ways to Make Your Hotel Stay More Comfortable

Staying at a hotel can be an amazing experience. Hotels of today offer guests every amenity under the sun. Many of these amenities are offered at no charge. With all of the items offered to you by hotels, it can be surprising when you find that you’re missing the creature comforts of home. Before you […]

Lots of artificial limbs

Most Random Items Left in Hotels Rooms

We’ve all accidently left things in hotel rooms. A brush, shoes under the bed, sunglasses, a book, it’s human nature to forget things and leave them behind. Sometimes though, people leave strange, unusual and just plain weird things in their hotel rooms. Here are the top 5 most random things found in a hotel room. […]

Bride and Groom - Photo by Tiffany Dawn Nicholson

10 Top Luxury Hotels for Your Wedding

Weddings only come once in a lifetime. For some, that is. Therefore, many couples would not hesitate to go all out with the celebration of their unity. For them, money is not a problem; for as long as they are provided with a luxurious experience that they – along with their guests – will forever […]

Villa with Pool in Cyprus

Private Villas with Pools: An Attractive Holiday Option

Private villas with pools provide the privacy, luxury and value for money you will be looking for from your holiday budget. Whether you’re spending your holiday near an ocean resort or a mountain retreat, private villas with pools offer the ultimate in luxury as well as privacy. Leasing private villas with pools can be an […]

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