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With the exception of day-traveling, your next trip is bound to involve some kind of place to stay. The best hotels offer guests convenient access to local attractions, a variety of dining options, and a clean and safe place to call your temporary home. Your choice of hotels can be as important to your travel plans as where you travel to or what you do while you're there. Cheap hotels may help you save your budget for more important aspects of your travel, but make sure that you're not missing quality and cleanliness by choosing budget hotels. Luxury hotels offer extra services such as large rooms, great views, and spa services, but the added cost may be better spent elsewhere. Keep your priorities in mind while booking hotels for your trip. Finally, if you have a layover while reaching your destination, consider staying in an airport hotel, which provides convenient access to flight terminals as well as the amenities you expect from other hotels.

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5 Resorts Known For Their Amazing Swimming Pools

This is a list of 5 great resorts that are at least partially known for their incredible water features. Any one of them is worth visiting for some poolside time in the sun. 5. The Anatara Golden Triangle Resort, Chiang Rai, Thailand The Golden Triangle Resort in Chiang Rai is located upon a hilltop overlooking […]

Caribbean timeshare by GGtimeshares on Flickr

Caribbean Timeshare Rental Tips

The Caribbean is a beautiful place to be, making it one of the world’s most popular places to buy, sell, or rent timeshares. A timeshare is a great way to experience home away from home. Whether someone is looking to rent a timeshare or rent their property out as a timeshare to prospective lessees, everyone […]

Hotel room cleanliness

The Dirty Low-Down – Checking Your Hotel Room Cleanliness

These days hand sanitizer is a common item on back-to-school-shopping lists, and liquid soap that is not antibacterial is passed over by most shoppers. Even the most “normal” folks out there have become somewhat germophobic, but many fail to realize the icky-ness that is potentially lurking in their hotel rooms. Whether you travel regularly for […]

Hotel Room Upgrade

How to Get a Free Hotel Upgrade

Getting a great deal can make you feel richer, more attractive, and cooler than your friends who pay more. It’s not always easy to swing a discount or upgrade, but with a little luck and charm, you can almost always get hooked up with some free perks. Do Your Research Before Booking Find cheap hotels […]

house sitting

House Sitting – A Beginner’s Guide

House sitting is a very simple concept: homeowners (and often pet owners as well) invite somebody to live in their home and look after it while they’re away. In the past, most house sitting was done by ‘house sitting agencies’ which charge a daily fee for looking after houses with additional fees for any other […]

Propeller Island Hotel

7 of the Strangest Hotels in the World

All of us have had odd experiences upon checking into a hotel—maybe you thought there’d be helpful bellhops and a luxurious pool, only to find broken automatic doors, a grungy pool and a Jacuzzi that hasn’t worked in years. Those experiences might be strange, but we can guarantee that they are tame compared to the hotels listed […]

Hotel Memberships

Year Round Luxury: The Benefits of Hotel Memberships

There’s a wanderer in the heart of everyone who loves travel. No matter where you go or how much you love the final destination, there’s always the allure of another adventure. The cost of tickets and accommodations keep your feet on the ground. The hidden price you pay is wrapped around the restraints of traditional […]

Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastian, Spain

Luxurious Hotels to Fall in Love With

When it comes to high value property insurance some of the world’s most luxurious and exclusive hotels possibly can justify their distinctly eye-watering tariffs.  From towering Chinese state of the art palaces to cutting edge new designs in some remote locations, the hotels below may be pricey but they offer star treatment and spectacular design […]

A holiday gite vacation home in Tr

Staying in Holiday Cottages in France: Things to Look Out For

Holiday cottages in France fall into two essential categories – gites out in the champagne (countryside) and more metropolitan bases, from which the cultural delights of a French city may be explored. Really the first decision a holidaymaker needs to make is where to be based. Like the UK, France has regional distinctions that set […]

Bed and Breakfast

The Top 5 Benefits of a Bed and Breakfast Getaway

If you are considering taking a holiday at the Sunshine Coast you will be pleased to hear that there are a number of accommodation options to choose from, such as private cabins, luxury hotels or bed and breakfast establishments. Whilst there are benefits with all these types of holiday, bed and breakfast rooms are often […]

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