Travel Tips for US Fall Roadtrips

Fall is a popular time to go on a road trip. The changing leaves in the Northeast as well as various concerts, rallies, and other social events ensure that there is plenty to do at that time of the year. The mild weather keeps desert environments cool and northern environments warm.

Fall Roadtrips

Before You Set Off for Fall Roadtrips

The first tip to having an interesting road trip is to keep the drive interesting. Simply hitting the various points of interest around the United States will deprive motorists of the various cultures and environments within the United States. Cruising along a major interstate between different states can get old quickly. Bring a device equipped with GPS technology and take the back roads.

Legal issues should also be considered at the outset. Laws vary significantly between different states. Getting arrested in another state for an activity that is legal in one’s home state will ruin the road trip. Nothing should be taken for granted.  Merely driving through the state can pose issues. Common automotive features such as tinted front windows, a lack of a front plate, and aftermarket lighting can be illegal in some states. Leaving the scene of an accident is illegal everywhere, but some states require reporting accidents either to the police or some other regulatory authority. Always check the local laws before carrying any knives or firearms in the vehicle.

Traffic laws are reasonably uniform throughout the United States; running red lights, exceeding speed limits, and following other vehicles too closely are illegal everywhere. Different regions have different standards regarding driving under the influence. Some states have limits of .08 and some states have other limits. The way that the statutes are drafted can also vary, as are the social attitudes towards drinking.  Even hiring the best dui lawyer in San Bernardino for instance, may not prevent you returning home with a mark on your record and a hefty fine.

The penalties for offenses differ significantly between states. Statutory penalties in one state for a traffic violation can include a minor fine, while the same offense in another state can include steep fines and jail time. Fighting a criminal charge in another state is challenging and expensive. Individuals accustomed to speeding, rolling through stop signs, or ignoring their turn signal in their home state should avoid those habits while driving across the country.  So when planning your route and stops, it is a good idea to research local law as well.

Autumn Road Trips

Points of Interest in the United States

Before heading out on a road trip, drivers must first figure out where they want to go. The United States is a nation including nearly 3.8 million square miles of territory and over 4 million miles of roads. Between geographical and historical points of interest, covering everything in the United States in one trip is impossible. When roughly planning the route, make notes of any local features. Every state has its own history and points of interest.

Some of the more famous geographical points of interest in the Western United States include Yellowstone National Park, the Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Park. Towards the Eastern portion of the nation, the Appalachian National Scenic Trail offers visitors a hiking trail over 2,000 miles long that stretches from Georgia to Maine. Other points of interest in the Western United States include Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Hollywood Bowl. In the Eastern United States include the Statue of Liberty, various locations in Washington D.C., the Gettysburg Battlefield, Coney Island, and countless other locations.

Motorists cannot explore the United States from major highways. Traveling across the United States can be an enjoyable adventure, but these trips require advance planning, vehicle preparation, and legal research.


Author Georgina Clatworthy writes extensively on points of law, as well as topics relating to travel, leisure and lifestyle.  She contributes this post for the legal group of Milligan, Beswick, Levine and Knox.  Anyone stopped for DUI in this area of California should take advantage of the services of the best dui lawyer in San Bernardino to give themselves the highest outcome possible.

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