Travel the City of 100 Spiers: Prague

The largest and capital city of the Czech Republic, Prague was considered a capital of European culture. The “City of 100 Spiers” might have fallen into oblivion during the communist era but it has risen today to become one of the most visited capitals in all of Europe.

If you are planning to take your vacation in this architecture paradise anytime soon, here are Prague’s 10 most popular attractions that you should include in your itinerary.

Prague Castle, Czech Republic

Prague Castle

Located on a hilltop on the west bank of the Vlatava River, the majestic Prague Castle features thick walls that enclose the Gothic St. Vitus Cathedral and the Old Royal Palace. This was built during the 19th century and has gone through numerous renovations over the intervening years.

Astronomical Clock in Prague's Old Town


Stare Mesto

Otherwise known as Old Town, this medieval district is home to the Old Town Square and its eight tall towers. Among its most popular structure is the Old Town Hall which features an astronomical clock. It gives hourly performances of figures of Jesus Christ and the Apostles.

Charles Bridge over the Vltava River, Prague

Charles Bridge

Teeming with portrait artists, vendors, and tourists, the Charles Bridge is no doubt one of the best sights in Prague. The city lights during the early morning or late evening provides the best views. Built in 1357, this bridge is adorned with 30 statues and a monument of St. John Nepomuk.

Pinkas Synagogue, Prague

Jewish Quarter

Josefov, the Jewish Quarter of Prague, now has a number of synagogues after the Second World War where most of the Jews were evacuated. The Pinkas Synagogue, one of the most popular attractions in the place, houses a memorial to more than 77,000 Jews that were killed in the Holocaust.

Mucha Museum, Prague

Mucha Museum

This museum is dedicated to the Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha who is best known for his publicity posters for Sarah Bernhardt. It features the artist’s postings, drawings, sketches, and oil paintings. It also has a replica of the Paris studio of the artist.

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

Church of Our Lady before Tyn

The Church of Our Lady before Lyn is a Gothic structure found in the Old Town Hall. It is distinguished by its two spires which is very apparent in its surrounding landscape. The original church dates back in 1135 but none of its original parts remain erect up to this day.

G N Rozhdestvensky at Prague Spring Festival 2007

Prague Spring

Every year on May 12 to June 2, the city hosts the Prague Spring, one of the best classic music festivals of the world. It starts with a performance of Smetana’s Ma vlast and ends Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. In between are orchestras from around the world.

The Dancing House in Prague

Dancing House

A stunning example of modern architecture, the Dancing House opened in 1996 and was designed by Frank Gehry, an American architect. It is made up of two attached buildings, featuring curving lines in its fluid shape. It also houses the restaurant La Perle de Prague.

St. Nicholas Church, Prague

St. Nicholas Church

Situated in the Mala Strana or Lesser Town district, St. Nicholas Church is one of the most distinguished Baroque buildings in the city. It houses a dome and bell tower along with chapels and frescos. Mozart is believed to have played an instrument in this church.

Karlstejn Castle, Czech Republic

Karlstejn Castle

45 minutes outside the city by train, the Karlstejn Castle is a fairytale vision with its hilltop location. Built in 1348, this is houses holy relics and the Empire’s crown jewels. Today, it contains medieval paintings and the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

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