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Top Attractions in Caracas, Venezuela

As both the capital city and the largest urban area in the country, Caracas is an essential stop during a trip to Venezuela. This fast-paced city offers a little something for everyone, including museums, cultural attractions, fine dining, shopping, a thriving nightlife scene, and so much more. If you’ve never visited the city, consider embarking […]

Angel Falls, Travel Tips for Venezuela

Travel Tips for Venezuela

Think of Venezuela and images of out-of-this-world beauties with brains to match will conjure up before our eyes. There is much more to Venezuela than Miss Worlds though – the beautiful Latin American country is a treasure trove for those with wanderlust in their blood. Right from the lofty Andean peaks to the turquoise Adam’s […]

5 Island Paradises You’ve Never Heard Of

If you are looking to get away to an island paradise, but do not want to deal with the all the normal vacation crowds, then consider going to one of the lesser known tropical islands. While they might not come with all the Bond-esque glamor of the Bahamas, their secluded and untrammeled charm should more […]

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