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Cruise ship in Chile by Jorge in Brazil on Flickr

Cruise Destinations in Chile

To get there you have to go to the end of the earth, but it’s worth it. The exciting country of Chile has incredible cruise destinations that are sure to satisfy your taste for adventure, wonder, delicious food and great wine. You will find everything here – beautiful beaches, towering mountains, glaciers, volcanoes and fjords. […]

Villarrica Volcano, Chile

Travel Tips for Chile

Known for its fine wine and rich culture, Chile is a destination for those who like to travel slightly off the beaten path. Though Chile draws many tourists each year, it is still less of an attraction than its more touristy neighbors such as Peru, Argentina, and Brazil. Chile is a country that will surprise […]

Exploring a Glacier

Chile: Deserts and Icefields

From multicultural capitals to the unusual Martian vistas of the Atacama desert; skiing down the snowy slopes of the Chilean Andes and enjoying a selection of the world’s finest wine. Chile certainly isn’t a country that you’d be lost for excuses to visit with. For those in search of a truly unique experience, Jumping over […]

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