Travel Planning Tips

With so many options online, not sure which to choose to make your travel comfortable and hassle-free? Want to make a quick business trip but don’t want to blow up your budget with expensive flights and hotel bookings?

travel planning tips

Tips to help you make better travel arrangements

Whether you are making travel arrangements for yourself, or on behalf of someone else, you would always want to make bookings through a trusted partner, who can offer you better deals without compromising the quality of your travel and stay. So keep in mind the following few tips, while making your travel bookings and you will never regret your decision.

  • Purpose of your travel: Whether you are traveling for an important business meeting or to unwind yourself on a vacation, all your travel arrangements and choices will depend on the purpose you are traveling for. For example, if you are traveling to visit a few client sites and finalize a business deal, then you would want to book a flight which leaves you with ample time to prepare for your meetings and you would book a hotel which is closer to your client’s office. But on the other hand if you are taking a vacation with family, then your hotel location and its services should be such that you have a good time on your holiday.
  • No shady websites please: Sometimes when something is too good to be true, it actually might be. So just because a website is offering an amazing package deal, doesn’t mean that you should take it up without doing a due diligence and verifying whether the website and their sponsors are reliable and can be trusted with your funds and personal information.
  • Company Policies: When choosing a package deal from a website, make sure that you are aware of its reputation and have familiarized yourself with their policies. After all you don’t want to land into a rude shock and realize that there were a few hidden charges just because you missed some of the website’s policy requirements.
  • Customize to suit you better: You are spending your time and money to travel to a different place, maybe to unwind or to gain new experiences. You can always ask your travel agent to tweak their package to accommodate some of your preferences, so that you can enjoy your vacation as you want. There may or may not be additional charges for those modifications, depending on the type of changes you request. But it is always a good idea to ask if the changes can be made, if you want them.

Prepare well

When you are traveling to a destination for the first time, it is always a good idea to read about its weather, eating habits, culture and behavior. There might be a few things which are socially unacceptable or weather changes that you should be prepared for. Doing a research beforehand and being prepared for what to expect helps in having an enjoyable and more memorable experience. Though you can’t safeguard yourself against every unexpected situation, but you can prepare yourself better to expect the unexpected and enjoy it better.


Nick Costa is a professor who has taken several trips to experience different cultures and locations. He has been on numerous expeditions himself, and also helps other travelling groups to prepare better for their time out. One of his favorite travel philosophies is to pack well, since he believes that it is good to have and not need, rather than to need and not have it.

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