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Best Vacation Spots in Mexico: Four Places You Need to Visit

Mexico is known for its scenic views and incredible climate, a great place to travel for relaxing days spent on the water. There are several enchanting cities to explore that are most popular for its white sands and clear breathtaking views, along with their incredible cities that offer a lively and friendly culture. Visit Cancun […]

Yucatan Peninsula

Adventure in the Yucatan

Many flock to Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula to relax on the spectacular beaches of Cancun or the Riviera Maya. But this region of the country also has a lot to offer for those looking for a mix of culture, nature, and adventure. A plethora of Mayan ruins are located here, the most popular being Chichen Itza […]

Miami, Florida

Those Summer Nights – Top 4 Resorts for a Perfect Summer Getaway

Summer is almost upon us, and that is cause for celebration. Yes, it’s that time of year for swimming shorts, sunglasses, tanning and ice cream. All of the joys of the summer season will soon be ready to be celebrated. One of the best ways to enjoy the summer is to head on vacation to […]

Akumal Bay, Mexico

Let Loose in Akumal, a Spectacular Mexican Caribbean Destination

The word Mexico generally rings the bells of Cancun and Playa del Carmen in one’s head. It is time to broaden your vision and look at the larger picture. Welcome to the quaint destination of Akumal, or the “place of the turtle” in Maya. This postcard perfect destination is located approximately 50 miles south of […]

Tulum Beach, Mexico

Guide to the Yucatan Peninsula

A coastline of white sands and azure waters compliment impressive ancient ruins and cultural traditions which have survived the force of colonization  The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico juts out into the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Beach loungers and history buffs are both catered for in this fascinating region. Ruins First thing’s first, when […]

Caving at Hidden Worlds

5 Must See Attractions in Cancun

Located in Mexico, the city of Cancun is part of the Yucatan Peninsula, and is a busy tourist destination for its Caribbean climate, and for luxury resorts and hotels; visitors tend to flock around Cancun’s self-contained resorts, and its sandy white beaches. Cancun itself is home, however, to busy markets and architectural sites, while the […]

Cozumel, Mexico Coastline

Your Shopping Guide to the Mexican Island of Cozumel

If you have a holiday and vacation planned for the island of Cozumel just off the coast of Mexico then you should make sure that you check out all the fantastic shopping experiences that are available there.  The island’s history stretches all the way back to one hundred years BC and has a vibrant and […]

Chichen Itza

Day Tours to the Mayan Ruins at Chichen Itza

In the Yucatan Peninsula region of the country of Mexico, a lot of very impressive and historic Maya sites can be seen and visited.  Yet both worldwide travelers interested in sight seeing as well as loyal school kids bussed in from Cancun will tell you – the most notable among these is the Chichen Itza. […]

Teotihuacan, Mexico

The Best Places to Tour in Mexico

The country of Mexico is one filled with beautiful scenery, ancient ruins, historical landmarks and a lively, vibrant culture. From relaxing beach destinations to fascinating Aztec civilizations, the country truly does have it all. In such a large country like Mexico, it can be overwhelming to try to visit each of the wonderful attractions available. […]

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