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The Cultural Guide to Cuba

This is a country where in the factories there is no radio blaring. Instead, perched in a corner, a man or woman sits at a desk in front of a microphone, reading. Everyone listens. Sometimes there are requests. Poetry, the sports pages and Dan Brown all have their moment beneath the anglepoise. Cuba has the […]

Affordable Caribbean Holidays and the Top 10 Things To Do In the Caribbean

Affordable Caribbean holidays are your ticket to paradise at the price you want to pay. A long time traveller favourite for value and exceptional savings, Caribbean holidays get better every year. Pack up and head for the islands with the all-inclusive price breaking Caribbean deals and let your imagine take you where you want to […]


5 of the best… Havana Nights

Nowhere on earth pulls off a night scene quite like Cuba’s capital. Here’s the lowdown on our pick of Havana haunts… Tropicana – Mariano district The home of Cuba’s reigning cabaret show has been a national institution since New Year’s Eve 1939. That’s when the first troupe of scantily-clad showgirls came shimmying down palm trees […]

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