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5 Exciting Events You Cannot Miss in the Caribbean

Many people are drawn to the Caribbean for its stunning beaches, year-round sunshine and laid-back way of life. But it also has a rich history of carnival and celebration. The annual calendar is jam-packed with festivals that celebrate dance, music, food and more. There are plenty of events for sports lovers too, such as the […]

balconies in cuba

Travel to Cuba – People to People Tours

For the last several decades, Cuba has been off-limits to the average American tourist. Because of the icy relationship between the US and Cuban governments, trade of all kinds—including tourism– was restricted between the two countries for years. Fortunately, due to a recent thawing of political relations between DC and Havana, some travel to Cuba […]

Caribbean timeshare by GGtimeshares on Flickr

Caribbean Timeshare Rental Tips

The Caribbean is a beautiful place to be, making it one of the world’s most popular places to buy, sell, or rent timeshares. A timeshare is a great way to experience home away from home. Whether someone is looking to rent a timeshare or rent their property out as a timeshare to prospective lessees, everyone […]

Houses in the Bahamas

Tips for Buying a Beautiful and Reliable Home in the Bahamas

No matter who is going through the process, buying a new home is an incredibly exciting and rewarding experience. This is even more rewarding when the home to be purchased is located in such a beautiful and dreamy island vacation spot like the Bahamas. Buying a home here will require some patience and dedication, as […]

The Bahamas in The Caribbean

The Caribbean Is a Lot More Than Just Beautiful Beaches

It is unlikely that there are any cruise destinations in the world more popular than the Caribbean. With beautiful cruising weather all year around, stunning tropical beaches, crystal clear water packed full of tropical sea life and historic cities dotted about the region, the Caribbean has it all. But aside from the beaches, the sun […]

Dining in the Bahamas

Visiting the Bahamas For Its Delectable Cuisine

The Bahamas is among the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. Frequenting the globe for tasting delectable cuisines from various parts of the world has been my inherent passion. I’ve taken flights to Bahamas more often chasing my passion for its cuisines. I want to share my experiences about the gastronomic affairs that I passionately […]


Baracoa – Cuba’s Hidden Treasure

If there’s one thing to know about holidays to Cuba let it be this – those that limit themselves to the Havana area alone are depriving themselves of something truly remarkable. Without any shadow of doubt, one of Cuba’s most glorious areas that can still in most ways be considered an undiscovered gem is Baracoa. […]

Things to Do in Jamaica

Excursions and Things to Do in Jamaica

Travelers lucky enough to be aboard cruise ships calling at the beautiful Caribbean island of Jamaica are in for a real treat, as there are many fun things to do in Jamaica. The land of reggae, dramatic mountain formations, verdant jungle, pristine beaches and wild nature is a feast for the eyes and the spicy […]

British Virgin Islands, photo used under the Creative Commons license courtesy of

Welcome to the British Virgin Islands

Heard about the British Virgin Islands and wondered what they’re all about?  Their status as a celebrity hideaway has given some people the notion that this exclusive island chain is like the queue for a private nightclub. You really want to get in but your name is just not on the list.  And it’s not […]

Cruise Ship at Night

The Eastern and Southern Caribbean: Planning the Perfect Cruise

Escape the falling snow. Avoid the plummeting temperatures. Dust off your two-piece bathing suit. It is time to book a last minute cruise with Virgin Holidays Cruises. Spanning nearly 2000 miles, the Caribbean is believed to encompass more than 7,000 islands, cays and inlets. However, the major cruise lines only dock at a small fraction […]

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