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The London Eye as Seen from the Thames

Things To See In London Along The River Thames

London is one of the world’s most vibrant cities, with a huge diversity of people, the whole city is a cultural experience in itself.  One of the central parts of London is the river Thames. Historically the river has been a focal point for the city.  It helped London develop due to the trade that […]

London Skyline

Get Blown Away By London: Your Home Away From Home!

The thought of a holiday travel will always make us anticipate all the new, extraordinary and exciting views, activities, food, nightlife, interesting locals, culture and much more. However, in spite of an amazing travel, there will always be something way back home that we will always long for. Among these are comfortable place to stay, […]

Salford Lads Club

6 Places in Manchester Any The Smiths Fan Must Visit

Undoubtedly, The Smiths were one of the greatest rock and roll bands ever. Their unique sound, specific sense of humor of Morrisey coupled with Johnny Marrs innovative approach to guitar continue to inspire new generations of musicians today, not to mention a devoted fan base, which is still growing, MK years after the bend has […]

The Lake District, England

Four Reasons Why You Need to Visit England’s Lake District

There are several world-renowned beauty spots in the UK, but most people would agree that none of them can quite match the sheer majesty of the Lake District. This wonderful region is located in the north-west of England, and has been delighting visitors and inspiring artists for many centuries. If you have yet to visit […]

London's Globe Theater

Great Holiday Attractions In London

You could spend a month in London without running out of amazing things to see and do. However, if your holiday time is limited, you will want to make sure you visit the top five holiday attractions in London. You do not have to be a history nerd to enjoy the historic Tower of London. […]

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London

The Best Hotels in London

Home to the West End, the Natural History Museum, Madame Tussauds and many, many more exciting attractions, London is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations – with over 26 million tourists visiting the English capital every year. And with so many people flooding to see the sights every year, there are a huge […]

Brighton Pier

Free Things To Do In Brighton

In these times when thing are a bit tougher on the purse strings, there’s even more reason to get out of the house and enjoy yourself. We all work hard and everyone deserves time away to clear the cobwebs and have a distraction. Obviously though you don’t want to be breaking the bank to have […]

Belfast, Ireland

A Wonderful Weekend Getaway in Belfast

Arguably among the best places to spend your weekend getaway is the capital city of Northern Ireland – Belfast. This lively city portrays sophisticated life with a lot of great attractions to discover and wonderful hotels and inns to stay at. There are several attractions within the city for tourists of varying age groups. For […]

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh in 2013

As soon as Christmas is over and January hits, it’s time to start thinking about holidays and where you want to visit in 2013. At the top of a lot of people’s list this year is Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. Here is a breakdown of some of the main events in Edinburgh this coming year: Edinburgh […]

London Skyline

5 Exciting Places for Fun in London

Whether you’re a first time visitor or a seasoned London local, there are plenty of breathtaking activities just outside the front door that you may be missing. From iconic avenues to world class performances, the region is alive with art, comedy and culture. Here’s an eye opening look at some of the most exciting activities […]

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