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France: For Wine Lovers

Wе travel fоr mаnу reasons, ѕоmеtіmеѕ іt іѕ fоr a simple dеѕіrе tо ѕее thе ѕun аnd rеlаx оn a beach, but wе оftеn travel tо gеt a ѕеnѕе оf hіѕtоrу, tо ѕее thе monuments оf аn аnсіеnt glоrу оr tо еxреrіеnсе аnоthеr сulturе thrоugh tаѕtе аnd оf vіеwѕ. Frаnсе саnnоt bе аѕ exotic аѕ […]

Chalet le Rocher, Val d’Isère

Five Star Luxury Ski Chalet Breaks in France

When it comes to 5-star and 6-star ski chalets at the very top of the luxury market, few countries can match the property portfolio of France. At the top of the luxury market the sheer opulence is jaw-dropping, with palatial chalets offering a faultless service catering to guests’ every need. Chauffeur driver services at any […]

Paris, France

Paris Holidays

When holidays are mentioned it is often noted that to have a good holiday you need to go somewhere which has a big cultural reference which can not only stimulate the mind but also the body. Choosing such a location is often not an easy thing to do as not everywhere you can go holds […]

Skiing in Tignes, France

Adrenaline-Packed Ski Adventures in Tignes, France

Tignes is one of the premier ski resorts in France. With great facilities and a ski school, it’s ideal for student tours. Find out more about this fantastic destination. A ski trip is the adventure of a lifetime. Spectacular scenery, exciting physical challenges and a great atmosphere make it a holiday like no other. In addition to being tremendous fun, a school trip […]

Saint-Tropez, France

Five Top Luxury Destinations for the Jet Set

Some people travel by private plane because they find it practical – their schedule is so packed and their time so valuable that they simply can’t afford to waste it sitting around in some airport lounge waiting to board. For others, the allure of flying their own plane is paramount, and they’ll take to the […]

Normandy, France

Five Superb Reasons to Holiday in France

One of the world’s most popular holiday destinations, France can truly offer something for every tourist. Whichever type of holiday you’re considering, the chances are the French can provide it to you. Here are five excellent reasons for making tracks to this stunning country. Head to the beach If you mention beach holidays to anyone […]

Best Destinations in Europe - France

Paris’ Best Traditional Restaurants

A trip to Paris is a popular choice with lots of famous tourist attractions found on every corner, however with such a rich traditional culture indulging in some lesser known local attractions is a must- and where better to start than a cozy traditional French restaurant? Here’s some of the best you’ll find throughout Paris, […]

A holiday gite vacation home in Tr

Staying in Holiday Cottages in France: Things to Look Out For

Holiday cottages in France fall into two essential categories – gites out in the champagne (countryside) and more metropolitan bases, from which the cultural delights of a French city may be explored. Really the first decision a holidaymaker needs to make is where to be based. Like the UK, France has regional distinctions that set […]

Travel Safety

5 Places to Find The Best Walks in France

I’ve spent many happy days and weeks having walks in France and even when I was a young lad, bereft of my Inter-rail ticket and happily strolling without a map or clue where I was going, the highways and byways from Calais to the Côte d’Azur offered endless opportunities for adventure. Inspired by books, such […]

Six Burghers of Calais

7 Calais Statues and the History Behind Them

A weekend getaway to Calais is a popular choice for many down south in England, particularly with the elderly and school children.  Often looked at as a place to purchase cheap alcohol, there is a lot more to this northern French town.  After a short trip on a Dover to Calais ferry, here are some […]

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