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Woonbootmuseum, Amsterdam

Been to Amsterdam? Did You Discover…

As one of the most cherished tourist destinations on earth, Amsterdam isn’t exactly an ‘off the beaten path’ location.  Yet despite having been heavily trafficked and well defined in guidebooks over the years, there is still a wide array of hidden gems to be found within the city.  They range from unique art to surprising […]

Eating stroopwafels

The Netherlands and Amsterdam: What the Dutch Won’t Tell You Before Visiting

The Netherlands is a country that attracts many tourists every single year. Amsterdam attracts more than 3 million visitors anually! There are many beautiful landmarks to visit in this peaceful and culturally rich part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, but when a tourist arrives they find certain things that could be labeled as strange […]

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Exploring Amsterdam’s Canal Ring

If you’ve been considering a trip to Amsterdam, 2013 is certainly the year to do it. The Dutch capital is celebrating numerous milestones this year, including the 400th anniversary of its famed Grachtengordel, or Canal Ring – the vast, intersecting web of waterways that curves outwards from the city’s core. A prime example of innovative town planning, […]

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