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Hiking in the Swiss Alps

Springtime in the Swiss Alps

Once the buzz of the ski season has died down and the snows have all receded, you might think that the lure of the Swiss Alps may lessen some, well, you’d be wrong.  Sitting at the foot of the Swiss Alps, Zurich makes the perfect base for your alpine adventures.  Here you can enjoy the […]

Saint-Tropez, France

Five Top Luxury Destinations for the Jet Set

Some people travel by private plane because they find it practical – their schedule is so packed and their time so valuable that they simply can’t afford to waste it sitting around in some airport lounge waiting to board. For others, the allure of flying their own plane is paramount, and they’ll take to the […]

Travel to Switzerland

Switzerland Travel Guide

Switzerland, bordered by Liechtenstein, Austria, Italy, France and Germany and formally known as the Swiss Confederation, is famous around the world for its world-class alpine sports, outdoor summer festivals, historic architecture and vibrant local culture. It is popularly known as the Playground of Europe and is the favorite destination of travelers all over the globe. […]

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