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Germany Travel Guide

The Berlin Wall came down 25 years ago and the country’s tourism rates have been going up ever since. Germany is dynamic, vibrant, and varied, both geographically and demographically. Multiethinic, mutilcultural, and multi-faceted, the country’s high-tech railroads and modern architecture harmoniously co-exist alongside ancient forests and medieval villages. There is truly something for everyone in […]

Saint-Tropez, France

Five Top Luxury Destinations for the Jet Set

Some people travel by private plane because they find it practical – their schedule is so packed and their time so valuable that they simply can’t afford to waste it sitting around in some airport lounge waiting to board. For others, the allure of flying their own plane is paramount, and they’ll take to the […]

Berlin Cathedral

Eight Must See Sites to Visit when Traveling to Berlin

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has always been one of the top tourist destinations for travelers across the globe. With its rich historical past, Germany is certainly one of the most resilient cities. Today, Berlin is popular for its diverse mix of cultures, dotted with historical destinations that are silent witnesses to Germany’s history. Being […]

View from Panoramapunkt, Berlin, Germany

Mini Guide to Berlin, Germany

In just the past 100 years, Berlin has already been through so many things that has greatly affected how it is today. Going around the country will treat your senses to a variety of museums, galleries, operas, and clubs. Read on and know the best places that you should see and do. What to See […]

Munich, Germany

Munich Attractions: Recreation, Shopping, Nightlife and Dining in Munich

Munich is a beautiful German city with lots of colors, scenes, wonderful people and even more fun places to go to and things to do. While Oktoberfest is the event that almost everyone can related to Munich, the German capital has definitely more to offer than a good “bottoms up” Munich Attractions: Recreation Sites and […]

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