Top 5 Travel Destinations for Senior Travelers

Senior TravelersSeniors do not have to be confined to their homes and traveling doesn’t have to belong just to the young at heart. In fact, when it comes to leisure traveling, seniors have a certain edge over the relatively younger ones, in the sense that they can have a more enriching experience than the younger fellows. Precisely because someone in his/her early adulthood will be too caught up in the worries concerning their careers, business, love, family. And they might end up wasting most of their time in planning and pondering over these ambitions, hence ruining the real purpose of leisure traveling. On the other hand, most seniors can declare that they “have been there, done that”, so they know the worth of spending some good quality time, not worrying about these standard goals.

Quite understandably, most senior travelers are often looking for slightly different attractions while choosing a travel destination, shopping malls, skyscrapers, carnivals, or adventurous activities like hiking, or diving is something that not many seniors would be interested in, of course there are exceptions but still, senior fellows are not necessarily seeking thrill like the youngsters.

Keeping all of that in mind, following is a list of five travel destinations strongly recommended for senior travelers, in no particular order …

Mary Jane Farm

Not far from the city of Idaho, there is this “one-of-its-kind” place known as Mary Jane Farm. If you haven’t heard the name, Mary Jane happens to be a well known figure who has managed to stick to a life not tarnished by the crazy pace of city life. True, that you can get all kinds of farms and organic products in cities as well, but no organic product beats the experience of spending some days on “Mary Jane Farm” that offers bed and breakfast tents. If you have spent most of your life in a metropolitan then this will be an almost shockingly-pleasant experience. A little word of caution though, this simple life can sometimes make your luxurious city life look kind of inferior.

St John US Virgin Island

Virgin Islands are considered an insular part of the United States, and easily one of the most exotic beaches in the world. It is one of those places that make you feel short of words when you are trying to describe the spectacles after getting stumped by the beauty. To be honest, a mere glance at those splendidly soothing, green waters is enough to invigorate your mind and body, still you find plenty of facilities as a bonus, for example spas for body treatment, golfing, or cruising (in fact cruising or sailing on these waters is not an activity, it is a necessity, because you can directly fly to Saint Thomas, which is a nearby island, and then take a ferry for Saint John, but that’s an annoyance you won’t regret).

Hayman – Great Barrier Reef

In the environs of Sydney, there is Great Barrier Reef consisting of 74 islands, and Hayman resort is easily one of the most serene places to stay. Having won, a number of prestigious awards, Hayman is ranked amongst the best nature resorts in the world, and the best thing is that you can get there easily by air. Once you are there, you can join their wellness and relaxation program, where experts will come up with a personalize nutrition and fitness plan for you, of course that’s not all. Hayman has a variety of options to offer to its guest e.g. you can join Yoga classes, go hiking, try fishing, or simply relax at world class spas. The resort is closed for maintenance work till the end of July, 11 though, but if you ask me, two months are well worth the wait.

The South Coast – Ireland

It’s hard to pick out and recommend only some specific places from the Ireland, as there are a lot of destinations worth giving a visit. From exotic beaches to snow capped mountains; romantic cities to completely magical landscapes, Ireland is a place that will not disappoint. Ireland’s South Coast is a perfect place for seniors wanting to be closer to Mother Nature, and seeing the sights of breathtaking landscapes. Small cottages on green, flower filled lands, with antique looking ferries and boats on water are what make this location an ideal destination for seniors. Known as the land of the fairies, this country is ideal for senior travelers looking to take a break from the daily hustles and bustles of life.

The Lake Geneva Region – Switzerland

The Lake Geneva is Switzerland’s longest lake that connects to German on the northern shore and France towards the south. The Swiss portion of the lake is a magnificent sight to behold, with its horizons marred by beautiful mountain tops, while the clear blue waters giving a perfectly romantic shade to the green lands above. Located near the lakes are small cottages that are available for rent, spend some days in one of these cottages and you will feel that you belong there … that’s how lovable this lake is.

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