Travel Can Broaden Your Wallet as Well as Your Mind

WalletThe popularity of blogs assures one thing: people love reading as much as other people like to write about the things they enjoy. Whether it’s a vicarious existence or just enjoying how other people phrase things, blogging is a big deal. More impressively, people manage to earn some good money by advertising through their blogs; targeted ads mean that the adverts are mentioning content directly specific to that of the blog, so all readers will have some degree of interest in whatever is being advertised. This makes it much less hit-and-miss and much more likely to generate clicks, and thus revenue.

If there’s ever any doubt as to the possible profitability of advertising, remember that Google, a multi-billion dollar company, earns about 98 per cent of its money through advertising. Granted, the search engine has much wider scope to advertise than a couple of blogs, but nonetheless in order for Google to generate billions from advertising there must be a vast number of people willing to click on those ads. You only need to target a fraction of them.

Blogging is all well and good, but there’s little point if you have no content to upload. This means that if you’re hosting a travel blog you’ll need to, well, travel. Then write about travelling. Or write about it while doing it. The latter may be the most advisory because it means visitors and commenters can actively discuss the trip with you, advise where to go and what to do. This level of interaction will bring in new and repeat visitors, make the blog generally more popular and be more likely to generate higher revenue.

The obvious drawback, though, is the fact that travelling is rarely cheap. A weekend away can be made cheaper with travel deals, but going abroad is almost always at least a little costly. This can create a catch-22 where you need money to travel, but need to travel to earn money through the blog. This means finding other avenues to generate the necessary money until such a time as the blog is financially stable.

People are understandably and sensibly wary of loans these days, and it’s especially tricky when it means getting into debt as a way to try to earn money – if the gamble doesn’t pay off, you’re stuck with a debt that will be extremely tough to clear. A safer option is opening an Individual Savings Account (ISA), which allows you to earn money through high interest rates on your savings.

Accompanying an account is an ISA allowance, which is the amount of money you can earn through savings before paying tax in a financial year. Using your income and how much you will deposit into the ISA as guides, you can determine how much money you can earn through interest tax-free. This will help you deduce an annual travel budget so you don’t need to dip into your own income.

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