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Mt Fuji, Japan

Japanese World Heritage Sites

Japan is an ancient country with a long history, spanning thousands of years of culture, art and warfare, leaving an imprint on the land and its spirit. Today, as we walk the streets of its cities or the back roads into its wilderness, we may encounter some truly special places to experience the heart of […]

On the right you can see the tokonoma. By Kyotowa (Flickr)

Living Traditionally in Modern Japan

Japanese people have a healthy association to the past, and maintain a strong connection to their traditions and roots, unlike most of us in the Western world. Homes Traditional Japanese homes are built entirely of wood with timber frames, have no ornate edgings, and have many paper screens within to create separate rooms. ¬†Free-standing houses […]

Nijo Castle

When in Japan…

Way back when, in high school, I got the opportunity to travel to Japan as a foreign exchange student. My trip was one month long, and consisted of one and a half weeks in Kyoto, one and a half weeks in rural Utsunomiya, and one and a half weeks in Tokyo. As a sixteen-year-old girl […]

Fabulous Getaway Skiing In Niseko, Japan

Niseko is a city located in Hokkaido¬ć, Japan. Niseko is known by the locals to mean the mountain range. As of 2008, the area has a small population of 4,667 people. However, this area received over 200,000 visitors per year for the skiing. Skiing is famous here, because of the fabulous snow covered mountains that […]

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