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The World’s Most Idyllic Stargazing Spots for the Romantic

There are probably more than a thousand ways and things to do to show or express romanticism. But there are few wonderful things that most people really enjoy and look forward to. Some of them people even wish to do before they die. A glimpse of sunset by the bay is adorably idyllic. The sea […]

Bangkok, Thailand

Where to Stay in Bangkok’s Silom District

Are you planning on a visit to Bangkok, where culture, nightlife, dinning and shopping could very well take place right next to each other? Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is no stranger to travelers from around the globe, as the place to visit for all sorts of entertainment from clubbing and shopping to wine […]

Koh Larn Island

Top 3 Pattaya Must Dos

Pattaya is one of the most well-known destinations for travelers visiting Thailand for some sun and fun. Although the beach city is forever crowded with both locals and international visitors, it doesn’t stop tourist from coming back for more fun. Is it just because of the sun and night life that makes the city so […]

Taling Chan Floating Market, Bangkok, Thailand

Traveling Around Bangkok

Bangkok, in Thailand, is a massive sprawling city which is crowded, polluted and in some ways crazy. You either love or hate the place and having spent quite a lot of time there, I must say I do love this city. The city used to be known as the “Venice of the East” due to […]

Saint-Tropez, France

Five Top Luxury Destinations for the Jet Set

Some people travel by private plane because they find it practical – their schedule is so packed and their time so valuable that they simply can’t afford to waste it sitting around in some airport lounge waiting to board. For others, the allure of flying their own plane is paramount, and they’ll take to the […]

Thai Beach

Tropical Thai Island Hideaways

Exploring Phuket and Phi Phi Islands Thailand is world famous for its beaches, culture and tropical island hideaways. These islands are actually a unique mixture of pumping nightlife and activities with beautiful secluded coves with white sandy beaches that are surrounded by tall palm trees.  If this sounds idyllic, well it is. The south coast […]

Phuket, Thailand

A Sun-soaked Phuket Getaway Guide

You’ve read the guidebooks and you’re inching to visit this Thai city. You have to expect more than the guided tours can ever offer you, though. If you’d rather go out on your own and experience Phuket without a leash, then you’ll have to cut yourself loose from the pack and travel on your own […]

Shopping in Bangkok

Budget Tips for Bangkok Shopping

We all know that shopping is one the best therapies, especially if you belong to the female of the species. You don’t need to be a shopping fanatic to appreciate the feeling of leaving the shopping centre with a gorgeous dress, pair of well-fitting jeans or a pair of shoes. Even just accessories, such as […]

Temple Street Night Market, Hong Kong

Best Night Markets in Asia

Most Asian countries are well-known for their night markets. Any Asian vacation will not be complete without spending a night cruising in one of them, haggling and bargaining from stall to stall. Aside from local products and handicrafts, you should also find rip-offs of luxury goods. The latter might not be your cup of tea […]

808 Nightclub, Bangkok, Thailand

Top 5 Clubs in Bangkok

Because if you’re going all the way to Thailand, you might as well party before you leave! Here are our top five clubs in Bangkok – what they’re about, what makes them special, and most importantly, what kind of people they offer to dance with. #5 – Q Bar A favorite of tourists and locals […]

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