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Asia is the largest continent in the world, so it stands to reason that there are many beautiful destinations to visit. From Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea to the far east countries of China and Japan, you'll find a variety of sights to see and cultures to experience. Asia also features extraordinary urban areas side by side with nature preserves and religious temples. Fantastic, exotic cuisine abounds. Explore our Asia Travel section to begin thinking about your next vacation.

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Trying to decide where to go on your Asian vacation? Look at our recommended travel guides below for ideas to help you start planning. If you already know which country you want to visit, choose a link from the section above.

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Bangkok, Thailand

Where to Stay in Bangkok’s Silom District

Are you planning on a visit to Bangkok, where culture, nightlife, dinning and shopping could very well take place right next to each other? Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand is no stranger to travelers from around the globe, as the place to visit for all sorts of entertainment from clubbing and shopping to wine […]

Koh Larn Island

Top 3 Pattaya Must Dos

Pattaya is one of the most well-known destinations for travelers visiting Thailand for some sun and fun. Although the beach city is forever crowded with both locals and international visitors, it doesn’t stop tourist from coming back for more fun. Is it just because of the sun and night life that makes the city so […]

river rafting in Ladakh by Mahatma4711 on Flickr

Adventure Sports in Ladakh, India

Rugged terrain, ethereal landscape and serene peace are the highlights of Ladakh. This place, considered a pivotal seat of Buddhism is a paradise for wildlife enthusiast and adventure seekers. What makes Ladakh even more appealing is its remoteness and untouched flora and fauna that helps this place retain its virgin charm even in this over […]

Temple of Heaven, China

Temple Of Heaven – The Bridge Between The Present and The Past

China offers many unique experiences for its travelers. The huge size of the country coupled with all the diversity that exists among different regions help people to enjoy a range of adventures in China. One such place is the Temple of Heaven. In fact, it is a must-see place for those who are looking to […]

Bali Dance

The Photographers Guide to Ubud, Bali

Ubud is the ultimate destination for incredible landscapes, stunning architecture and colorful culture. This inland spiritual haven in Bali is a photographers’ dream. With streets lined with traditional art, forests hiding sculptured temples and hilltops featuring awe-inspiring views, there should be no question where you and your camera are travelling to next. Here’s a list […]

Muttrah-\ Corniche, Oman

The Must See Highlights of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman offers a wealth of intriguing sights, stunning visuals and beautiful locations perfect for any holiday. That’s why we’ve put together this list of those essential places to visit that anyone making the trip to this unique destination should take the time to see. The Hawiyat Najm Park A singular visual experience, […]

Dubai World Cup Horse

Dubai’s Prestigious Sporting Events

Dubai has never been the sort of city to be left behind. Its development, which has been meteoric in its pace, shows no sign of decelerating anytime soon, as evidenced by the rapid rise of the vertiginous Jumeirah Lake Towers. As you would expect from a cosmopolitan city with such lofty ambitions, there has been […]

Mt Fuji, Japan

Japanese World Heritage Sites

Japan is an ancient country with a long history, spanning thousands of years of culture, art and warfare, leaving an imprint on the land and its spirit. Today, as we walk the streets of its cities or the back roads into its wilderness, we may encounter some truly special places to experience the heart of […]

Snake meat

Eating Snake Meat in Shanghai

Sampling local delicacies can be one of the most rewarding parts of international travel, giving you the chance to try foreign foods the way the locals make them, as well as to find new favorites you can impress friends and family with back home. But there are certain foods that test the mettle of even […]

Trans-Siberia Railway

Discovering the Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway was a concept put forward by Tsar Alexander III to make travelling from west to east of the Russian Empire more accessible. Actual construction started in 1891, with tracks being laid from Moscow and Vladivostok with the goal to meet in the middle. This is much the same way that the American […]

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