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Asia is the largest continent in the world, so it stands to reason that there are many beautiful destinations to visit. From Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea to the far east countries of China and Japan, you'll find a variety of sights to see and cultures to experience. Asia also features extraordinary urban areas side by side with nature preserves and religious temples. Fantastic, exotic cuisine abounds. Explore our Asia Travel section to begin thinking about your next vacation.

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Trying to decide where to go on your Asian vacation? Look at our recommended travel guides below for ideas to help you start planning. If you already know which country you want to visit, choose a link from the section above.

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5 Must-See Coastal Destinations in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean coast is brimming with incredible sites, cultures, food, and experiences. To help you plan your vacation, here are 5 must-see sites on the Mediterranean coast that you can plan your trip around. Barcelona, Spain Barcelona is a two-thousand-year-old city. It was the economic and political center of the Western Mediterranean during the Medieval […]

An Interesting Insight into the Tibetan Nomadic Traditions

Regardless of how much the world has developed, the nomads still take pleasure in migrating to their favorite Tibetan Plateau in every summer. Stephen McDonell reports from the beautiful area of the plateau. The time when Tibetan nomads toured around empty landscapes in search of shelter is not unknown to any of us. One generation […]

Pasar Terapung floating market

Things to Do in Banjarmasin, Indonesia

In 1526, Sultan Suryansah built the capital city of his kingdom, Banjarmasin, alongside the river Kuin. It was called old Kuin then. However, it was the birth of what is now Banjarmasin city. Banjarmasin is the largest city in South Kalimantan in beautiful and exotic Indonesia. If you are a traveler looking to explore this […]

Puteri Harbour Theme Park

Top 4 Kid-Friendly Places to Visit in Malaysia

If you’re thinking of a Southeast Asian country you can take your family on a vacation to, then Malaysia must be on your list. There are many resorts and attractions in the country where you can take your child to and watch him have the time of his life. Aside from the many attractions and […]

Ubud, Bali, Indonesia by eGuide Travel on Flickr

Six Intriguing Places You Should Put On Your Bucket List

With so many interesting places in the world, it’s important to prioritize what you want to see before you expire from the planet. Here are six spots that should definitely be on your bucket list. Cappadoccia, Turkey Cappadoccia’s landscape is a unique treasure. Jagged, red desert rocks make up this dramatic landscape, which was the […]

Church of the Holy Sepulcher

Most Popular Things to See in Old City Jerusalem

Jerusalem offers travelers some of the most breathtaking religious experiences around the world. With history dating back 3,000 years, it’s no wonder why Jerusalem is one of the most sought after religious vacation destinations. If you’re taking a trip to Jerusalem then a must-visit site is Old City Jerusalem. The area offers one of the […]

The World’s Most Romantic Stargazing Spots

There are probably more than a thousand ways and things to do to show or express romanticism. But there are few wonderful things that most people really enjoy and look forward to. Some of them people even wish to do before they die. A glimpse of sunset by the bay is adorably idyllic. The sea […]

3 Great Wheelchair-Friendly Destinations To Visit

Traveling is a great way to spend time with the people you love. Seeing different parts of the world can be extremely rewarding, relaxing, and fun. If you or someone you love is in a wheelchair, however, you may be hesitant to travel to certain cities. It’s frustrating to not be able to participate in […]

Ritz Carlton Millenia, Singapore by Erwin Soo on Flickr

Singapore’s Best Resorts and Hotels

Singapore is known for its premier shopping, subways and local art scene, east to west. The diverse population of Singapore is full of tropical climate, cultures, and cuisines. It is heavily urbanized and has one of the world’s busiest ports. Make a stopover or stay longer in any of these luxurious getaways. Marina Bay Sands […]

India bangles

Souvenirs to Collect When You Visit India

A travel connoisseur’s thirst for exploring new destinations is unending. And there is one country in the world which can satiate the thirst of a traveler greatly with immense varieties in its store. Diversity is the main attraction of this country and it can be seen in almost all the aspects. Well, it is quite […]

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