Travel Apps for Travel Fanatics

If you love to travel, it’s probable that you spend most of your time looking for your next big adventure, fighting with your suitcase to fit everything in it and searching for the best deals on price and convenience.

Travel Apps

In true 21st Century style, the following five travel apps have been designed to make the lives of travel fanatics a lot easier and a lot more fun.

If you need help with the organisation of your trip, fast access to the best deals on the market, or travel tips and advice from other travel addicts, at least one of the five mobile travel apps below will be able to provide exactly what you’re looking for.

1. travel app for cruise lovers offers you 2013’s top last minute cruise deals at the touch of a button when you have the company’s useful cruise travel mobile app downloaded on your smartphone. For travel lovers who are yet to learn about, it impressively boasts the largest community of cruisers in the UK and its website houses over 100,000 cruise reviews and 11,500 cruise-related photos. The travel app gives travel fanatics instant access to forums, chat rooms and information on all ports used by the company. The app also provides access to the ships’ menus ahead of schedule for travellers who love to eat well and want to get excited about their first meal onboard.

2. Jetsetter hotel and travel deals app for airport junkies

Jetsetter is a member’s only travel website. The company is well-known in the travel industry for a constant flow of luxury travel sales, discounts and deals. It is the definitive travel app for people who love to travel and explore the world in style. The Jetsetter travel app is, quite frankly, very cool. It’s so beautifully designed that it simply begs interested travel lovers to impulse buy flight tickets and reserve hotel suites within seconds. The expert Jetsetter travel team also uses the app to share exclusive travel tips for travelling in style and every trip / hotel listed on the app is accompanied by an objective review.

3. National Trust travel app for the conservationists among us

If you are a fan of The National Trust, you need to have the organisation’s travel app on your phone. It’s a niche travel app which lists all the sites in the UK that are in any way associated with The National Trust. The app allows you to search for a site, get a map to a location you are interested in visiting, read about all the activities that you can enjoy upon arrival to your National Trust destination and investigate into price information. Tradition, travel and technology go hand in hand in this unique and simple app.

4. Triposo travel app to cover all your holiday needs

Triposo is one of the best all-round travel guide apps for mobiles. Users can get access to a wide range of travel information via this app and there are lots of cool travel features to play with too. For example, the currency converter will prove really useful on any trip, the phrase book might help you out of a sticky situation and the weather feature can help you plan itineraries for your trip a few days in advance. The best thing about this app, however, is that an internet connection is not needed to access the guide, which is great for those trips which take you out of range and off of the beaten track.

5. TripIt travel app to get you organised and clutter-free

TripIt is a mobile travel app all about taking the stress out of travel. Some trips last a few days and some can go on for as long as a few months, but TripIt provides the travel organisation solutions that you need for any kind of trip at any time. It allows you to save trip itineraries, flight information, car rental receipts and hotel reservations all in one place. Gone will be the days of having to carry lots of different pieces of paper with you when you travel and gone will be the days when you lose important information when you have TripIt on your mobile. This travel app is a disorganised person’s lifeboat.

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Tracey Chandler is a freelance writer from London, UK. She specialises in features for female-interest publications, shorter posts for travel blogs and she manages her own online travel publication, The Jolly English Pirate.

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