Touring Alaska by Railway

Many people take Alaskan cruises, but have you ever thought about touring Alaska by train? The Alaska Railroad runs from Seward and Whittier in South Alaska, through Anchorage, and on to Fairbanks and beyond. It’s a great way to see the beauty of Alaska, including Denali National Park. Its main line is 470 miles long (760 km).

Touring Alaska by Train
Photo by Cool breeze pics

Alaska Railroad

Views from the train include gorgeous forests, snow-capped mountains, and pristine lakes.

View from Anchorage-Fairbanks train, Alaska
Photo by mtkr

Photo by Sir Mildred Pierce

To visit Denali, take the 12-hour Denali Star train that runs from Anchorage to Fairbanks. It stops in Denali, where you can see Mt. McKinley (named after William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States), as well as wildlife including grizzly bears, black bears, caribou, moose, wolves, and more.

Photos of Wildlife and Sights when Touring Alaska

Denali lifts her skirts
Photo by Unhindered by Talent

Photo by code poet

Photo by code poet

The Alaska railroad train stations themselves are also quite beautiful and historic. Below is the Fairbanks, Alaska railroad station and the Anchorage station.

Photo by kla4067

Historic Station
Photo by Cool breeze pics

For more information about touring Alaska by train, visit the website.

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