Top Ways To Turn A Holiday Into An Adventure

We all go on holidays for different reasons, and while some might highly value the chance to see another culture and explore an exotic locale, for others the excitement is all about getting to lie around the pool and relax.

Perhaps the most memorable trips though are the ones that aren’t just holidays, but actually manage to become adventures. These trips give us stories to tell when we come back, they help to develop us further as people, and help to make life a little bit more like the movies – if only for a moment.

The question is then, how do you go about turning your holiday from a chance to unwind into a full-blown adventure? Here we will look at the answer to that question, and explore some of the best ways you can make your trip more exciting and memorable…

try a new activity, photo by Ray_from_LA on Flickr

Try a New Activity

Every day life is filled with countless opportunities for us to expand our horizons, push ourselves and experiment – it’s just that most of the time we’re too busy to take all of these opportunities.

If you want to try something new then that will help you to add to your skillset while also giving you something other to do than just sit around by the pool, you can always look into doing a class or going on an organised trip. To make this an adventure though, the trip needs to be something you wouldn’t normally get to do and it also needs to be action packed. What that means in other words is that you should be going rock climbing, horse riding or scuba diving – rather than painting china.

While these activities are organised, this gives you the opportunity to do things without worrying about logistics and to get discounts and deals that you otherwise could not. When you’re taking photos deep in an underwater cave, or riding along the beach at sunset, you’ll really feel like you’re on an adventure.
meet new people, photo by Joshua Kruger on Flickr

Meet New People

Action films have a lot of tropes in common and one of the main ones is the cast of characters that get added to the party as the main protagonists go about their way. It’s these characters that will also prove to be the most memorable when you get back from your trip, and if they’re local then you might also get introduced to some local sights and activities that you otherwise would have lost.
go off the beaten path, photo by Jeffrey on Flickr

Go Off the Beaten Path

Of course what will also add to your adventure is seeing as much of the area as you possible can and making sure to do some real exploring. This doesn’t just mean ticking off all of the well known tourist attractions and sights – what’s actually more important is that you explore on your own and find the things that no one else knows about. It’s the sense of discovery that you’ll find makes the trip feel truly like an adventure and that gives you more exciting things to talk about when you get back.
rough it, photo by Frank Kovalchek on Flickr

Rough It

While not everyone will want to compromise on their plush luxury and won’t be quite that desperate to turn their trip into an adventure, it can certainly feel more like an authentic experience when you stay somewhere a little less luxurious. Stay in a hostel or even try crowd surfing, pop into the local town for your amenities (or to hijack wireless), and take public transport for a more authentic feeling trip.
have a goal, photo by Shane Initials on Flickr

Have a Goal

Something you’ll find is that in most action films there is a clear goal. The hero wants to beat the bad guy, or discover some macguffin that can change the world – they’re not just wondering around the area taking photos and eating pasta. That’s why holidays often don’t feel like adventures per se, and therein lies a great opportunity to add to the adventure. So what could this goal be? Well maybe it could be to climb a particular mountain, or perhaps it could be to track down and buy a pendant from a particular area as a keepsake, or maybe it could be to do some business out there. Either way, this can give your trip a sense of purpose and momentum, and ultimately give you a great feeling of satisfaction when you pull it off.


The author of this post, Gareth Andrews, is an employee at 1300 Trail Rides, which offers horse riding in Perth. He loves his job, since he has always been passionate about horse riding and trekking.

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