Top Three Honeymoon Destinations in Asia

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You and your loved one have just taken the biggest step thus far in your shared life. You have decided to get married, and that shared life is just about to begin, in the truest and most complete sense possible. You are probably now busy with all sorts of wedding preparations and arrangements—and Heavens knows that weddings are loads of fun, but also involve a ton of work and preparation. So why not cut some corners and short-list some honeymoon destinations already? After all, when it’s all said and done, you and your sweetheart will set out on your new life together, and you want that life to be as filled with love and excitement as possible. For the most auspicious beginnings and romantic honeymoons, forget about traditional destinations such as the Americas or good old Europe. Travel to Asia, for a honeymoon you will definitely never forget.


Singapore is actually an archipelago, comprising one main island and sixty tiny islets, which are likely to remind one of the Caribbean in a certain respect. While you would not expect Barbados villas to be anything like Jamaican hotels or Mexican resorts, Singapore will offer the same type of variety in matters of accommodations and opportunities for fun, ideal for a newly-wed couple. You can enjoy a scenic tour of Sentosa Island, for instance, or head out to the amusement park on the same island. Other islands host water parks, such as the one on Fantasy Island, or cozy camping areas, such as the ones on St. Johns. Another great water park is the one on Pulau Ubin, located just a short boat ride away from the main island.


Thailand is listed as one of the best honeymoon destinations worldwide simply because it is capable to literally cater to all tourist tastes. If you and your future spouse are big into clubbing, you should know that capital Bangkok has been deemed Asia’s “city that never sleeps,” precisely for its vibrant nightlife. There is a lot of lust, steam and passion in the air in Thailand’s big cities, while the traditionally tourist islands such as Phu Ket and Ko Samui are no worse off in this respect. You can party anywhere, at any time in Thailand, go to a massage parlor, a nighttime bazaar, or a kickboxing match. However, if all this adrenaline doesn’t sound too suitable for you, you can also relax at a seaside spa or go bargain hunting for electronics, appliances or even clothes. When in Thailand, it’s recommended you stay in a one-room bungalow, which will ensure all the privacy you and your sweetie need.


Malaysia is recommended for all types of honeymooners, simply because this rich, up-and-coming country seems to contain all types of fun within its borders. This multi-cultural country fuses Malay, Chinese, Indian and local cultures and traditions. To this end, you can visit vibrant and ultra-modern Kuala Lumpur, or spend some time relaxing in the colonial atmosphere of the Cameron Highlands. The lovely bungalows on East Malaysia will remind you of the luxurious Barbados villas, while Langkawi, with its long nights and balmy atmosphere will bring out the hedonist in you.


  1. I would like to go to one these places for my honeymoons. Malaysia truly represent Asia and I have seen many ads on this. It has all the nature beauties here.

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