Top Sailing Experiences in Australia

Australia is a nature lover’s delight with its lush greenery and wildlife, beautiful sun kissed beaches, winding waterways and glorious sights. Many people take up sailing when they visit the continent because not only do they get to experience Australia’s beauty, but it also makes for a wonderful and refreshing trip. You haven’t experienced Australia properly if you have missed sailing there. Following is a list of the top sailing experiences that you must enjoy in Australia.

sailing in Australia

Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour is known all over the world for its exciting elements and the fun tourists have in there. Sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge is something everyone must experience. Also, you should make it a point to sail in the white sails of the Opera House and Luna Park, right past its bright and beautiful entrance. Sailing would also take you along the Taronga Zoo. There are many catamarans for sale in the area, and you can sail peacefully and have the adventure you want. There are luxury yachts available as well, which give you all the facilities like hot showers and fine dining. They also come with equipment necessary for your sailing expedition.

The Whitsundays

On the north Queensland coast, you will find a group of seventy four islands with crystal clear and perfect waters and beautiful beaches you want to spend all your days in. This group of islands is the Whitsundays. Sailing is, in fact, the best way to experience the Whitsundays as you can make a stop whenever you find something interesting or worth looking at.

Port Phillip Bay

The beauty of this area is scintillating, and you would enjoy the crowd of local and tourists alike that flock this magnificent place. The waters are pretty shallow but navigation through them is easy. Get yourself a luxury yacht or catamaran that comes with a full crew who are there to cater to your every whim while your enjoy your holiday in style.


In Queensland, just off the Cardwell coast is the Hinchinbrook Island where wildlife lovers would not be disappointed. Also, the waters offer you a plethora of marine life to look at and are pretty mesmerizing. You can start your sailing expedition along the Hinchinbrook island coastline and along the beautiful Hinchinbrook channel that would leave you lost for words with its beauty. The Hinchinbrook Island also happens to be a National Park so that its beauty remains protected and untainted.

There are parts of the Hinchinbrook Island that are not open to visitors but you can still sail around the waters surrounding it in your yacht. Make a plan as to what you want to do and where you want to go and you will be all set for an unforgettable experience of sailing.

Moreton Bay

This lies off the Brisbane coast and there are many small and big inland areas in here. You would be fascinated by the dolphins, Manta Rays and turtles that you get to see in the glorious waters. If you happen to plan your trip between June and September, you might even be lucky enough to catch sight of the humpback whales as it is their migrating time.

There are commercial catamarans for sale and hire in Australia, and they make you feel like a King. Watch the sunset and ship your champagne as you enjoy your experience.

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