Top Reasons Why Writers Need to Travel

Some writers spend a lot of time traveling–from their armchair. They rely on imagination to take them to farflung places that they never in their entire lives, could ever dare to explore. But there is a limit to how far imagination can take you and sometimes, you need a taste of reality to see just what you’re missing. Who says only travel writers need to journey around the world? Here are the top reasons why writers should-and need-to travel.

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Change of Environment

Have you been staring at a blank paper too long without actually writing? Has your screen changed to screensaver mode from lack of keyboard action? Writer’s block is something that plagues writers from time to time–frequently, when you’re about to get burned out. Unless you’re already a bestselling novelist, a writer doesn’t have the luxury of time to waste on long unproductive periods. One of the best cures for this is a change of environment.

Travel somewhere you have never been to. Inhale fresh mountain air or walk along the shores of an exotic beach. An exciting new environment allows you to free your mind from everyday worries and opens the dam for new ideas to flow in.

Creative Work Space

Writers, like artists, need a creative workplace to flourish. For freelancers who work from home, one way is to turn your room into a creative work space. When you feel that even this isn’t enough, then it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and navigate uncharted waters. If you find the thought of visiting a foreign country daunting, you can start by exploring nearby states. Visit the rustic countryside if you want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. If it’s excitement you want, head off to Las Vegas and rent a limo. Imagine you’re one of the rich and famous, and write about it.

A creative work space isn’t just confined to one room. It can be anywhere. Traveling allows you to write anywhere, in almost any condition as long as inspiration strikes. And with your travel experiences, expect plenty of inspiration.

Travel Writer

New Inspiration

Doing the same routine things everyday can drain you of inspiration. This is also one reason why writers often find themselves stuck in a rut. You’ve often heard how travel opens up a whole new world of possibilities. It’s true. Travel forces you out into the open and compels you to navigate unfamiliar territory. All the new people you encounter and new things you will experience is sure to trigger bursts of inspiration that will feed your creativity.

What is that couple on the beach arguing about? What could that man in the black beret be planning with that small package? Observations about other people can put your imagination into overdrive and give you plenty of ideas to write about. But don’t be content with just observing. Be part of the experience. Talk to strangers. Don’t be afraid to try new things.

When your trip is over and you find yourself back in your comfort zone, you will feel recharged from all the memories you’ve collected from your journey. You’ll be fired up to begin writing again and planning your next travel destination.


Based in San Diego, California, Tiffany Matthews is a professional writer who has worked for several successful companies like AWG Ambassador, a chauffeured transportation service. When not writing, she likes to travel and watch movies with friends.


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