Top Five Travel Scams to Avoid for 2014

Top Five Travel Scams to Avoid for 2014

The Fake Phone Call

During the early hours of the morning in your hotel room, your phone will ring pretending to be the front desk. They will insist that a technical issue has occurred and that they require your credit card details immediately. Many people in their slumber state will unwittingly give out their information to a thief in such scenarios. Many hotels, such as the Monte Carlo Inns, are taking precautions to protect their guests at all times.

Danger in WiFi Hotspots

In hotel public places, such as the pool or game rooms, you might wish to log on to the WiFi through your tablet or mobile. Criminals create fake WiFi hotspots to be able to easily access your activity to steal passwords and money. Toronto airport hotels and most major international hotels will provide safe and secure connections. Be certain you are selecting the right hotspot. Verify with the hotel the exact name of their WiFi. Thieves will try to use a name that is similar to the hotel, so be careful.

Vacation Rentals

You have spent thousands of dollars on airfare and the accommodation of your dreams. The owners tell you everything about the neighborhood and the house amenities such as a pool, washer and dryer, fully stocked kitchen, etc. They will send you photos of the house and the rooms. You arrive only to find out the house does not exist or that another person actually owns and occupies the house. To avoid this scam, only use reputable rental websites and always read the reviews of people who had previously rented.

Invalid Phone Credit

This scam is exceptionally frustrating. A shop will claim to add credit to your mobile phone and insist that in the next several minutes, a text will be sent to your phone verifying that the funds have been added. This text will never come and any chance of retrieving the funds will be futile. These criminals will insist that you used all of the minutes before you returned to the shop and that you deleted the confirmation text. Carefully select reputable businesses to complete such transactions.

Hotel Switch

A hotel switch is relatively common in certain parts of the world. Once you arrive to the hotel, the front desk will claim to be fully booked and assure you they have arranged for you to stay in alternative accommodation of superior quality. The new hotel will often be of far inferior quality than the hotel of your original booking and cost significantly less although you will never see the difference.

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