Top Five Places to Visit in Queensland

Planning a trip down Under? Given the glamour associated with a trip to the land of kangaroos, it is evident that you would be confused about the best hubs to visit on the trip. In case your trip is of a short duration, try exploring Queensland as much as you can.

Most travel guide sites and books describe Queensland as a place with the loveliest locales and the superb setting, and one of the top destinations to visit on an Australian rendezvous. Here is a list of the top five places that you would surely love visiting in the land that offers both mountains and the sea to its residents and visitors.

Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

1. Sunshine Coast

Love surfing? Want to get a tan that would leave your friends back home smirking with envy? Then visit the Sunshine Coast in the Queensland paradise.  This is perhaps the best spot to laze about and lie under the warm sun. The golden sand and the blue waves make up for never having taken a holiday in the last ten years. One warning note that you must keep in mind on your Sunshine Coast trip is that you should be prepared to hunt for an empty spot on the beach.

Cairns, Australia

2. Cairns

A hot favourite among backpackers and honeymooners alike. Cairns is located right up in Northern Queensland. With warm tropical weather, lovely waters and uncountable tourist spots, the city has turned into a huge favourite among tourists of all age groups. Right from yacht tours to catamaran rides, Cairns proffers a number of fun options for tourists. Knob Palm Cove, Kuranda, Trinity Outlet and Yokes, are just few of the names that come into mind among the numerous tourist hotspots.

Stradbroke Island, Brisbane, Australia

3. Brisbane

Before it is forgotten, mention of Brisbane must be made. Most top places in Queensland travel guide charts have this ranked at the first slot. With the delights and hubs housed in the capital city, it well deserves being the number one Queensland hunt to visit. You can have brunch in the basket at Southbank Parklands and check out the Alma Park Zoological garden with its myriad variety of fauna. For those who want to explore the laidback delights, a ferry ride to Stradbroke Island or the Story Bridge Climb are the best bets.

Carnarvon Gorge National Park

4. Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Most travel guide books rank this as a top destination preferred by tourists. No matter which culture or continent you come from, the national park is sure to appeal to your tastes. With hordes of exotic birds, wildlife and flora around, you are sure to relish each moment spent exploring the national park delights.

Tropical fish at the Great Barrier Reef

5. Great Barrier Reef

Missing out the Great Barrier Reef in Australia would be foolhardiness. Catch up with the exquisite coral formations with underwater diving at the Lower Barrier Reef Islands—Heron, Lady Musgrave and Lady Elliot—all part of Queensland.

With such varied spots to explore, you need to buck up and prepare for your Queensland trip. One thing stands assured—every minute in Queensland would be relished till the last minute of your lives.


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