Top Five Beaches in Larnaca

Larnaca is popular all over the world because of its fantastic beaches. Tourists from all over the world fancy setting foot on its white sand beaches, while many are excited to have a taste of its water sport adventures. You can conveniently hire chairs and umbrellas to enjoy a relaxing experience by the beach or book your desired cruise package for a more interesting travel experience in Cyprus.

Lanarca, Cyprus

McKenzie Beach

It is one of the popular beach destinations because it is only a five-minute drive from Larnaca Airport. You can easily take a taxicab ride and you will be there in no time. You can immediately take a plunge at its cool and refreshing waters or enjoy its water sports facilities for that exciting scuba diving experience. Do not worry about the food because there are dozen of affordable shops, restaurants, and bars that will gladly assist your tummy when it grumbles for food.

Phinikoudes Beach

It is hailed as a perfect beach hangout for any family. Its name was influenced by the abundance of small palm trees that were planted in the year 1922. Today, these have grown into sturdy palm trees that add to the scenic beauty of the place. It is near various commercial and shopping center that will fill in with your necessities.

Phinikoudes Beach is the preferred destination of many tourists because of its excellent services and facilities, which includes changing rooms, toilets, showers, sun beds, umbrellas, water sports, and regular lifeguards on duty. You will not be disappointed with its calm and mild waves and clean water quality that has passed the European Union’s Bathing Water Directive standards. You may conveniently access it by bus, car or by foot and is the venue for the two-week Larnaca Kataklysmos fair celebrated every June.

Yanathes Beach

You can enjoy absolutely any water activity at Yanathes Beach, a popular stretch of two-kilometer land along the Bay of Larnaca. You can bring your family and friends and play beach volleyball or take a tour at the deep for a scuba diving experience. You do not need to worry about the parking space because it has a wide area to serve you. Choose from water sport activities like banana-boat rides and parascending or simply lie in the beach under a parasol while reading your favorite novel.

Kastella Beach

This may be short strip of land, with only 400 meters of beach length and 20 to 70 meters in width but the fine grey sand of the Kastella Beach makes it another hot destination for tourists who wish an easy and safe access at the beach. You can walk to it from the town center and enjoy the various fish taverns, ice cream shops, mini-markets, and restaurants residing in its abode. Take a dip into its cool water while the eagle eye of its lifeguards secures your safety.

Faros Beach

You will never fear the safety of the waters at Faros beach because it is regularly tested and cleaned. It has a ready beach volleyball court for those who wish to enjoy a friendly competition underneath the sun. Visit them during April 15 until October 31 and you will see numerous sun bed and umbrella ready to be hired for your relaxation and convenience. Just like any other beach in Larnaca, you will see lifeguards on duty equipped with life saving materials to guarantee the safety of its guests.

Be sure to pack your beach clothes and items when visiting Larnaca. It is inevitable for anyone to come and visit one of these beaches because the tempting cool blue water of the region casts an alluring spell to anyone who meets it. Find the best Larnaca hotels for your accommodation, have fun with your family and friends, and enjoy the best that Larnaca has to offer.


Guest Author Shay enjoys going to beach and having fun with her family and friends. She is an avid bird watcher and enjoys sharing her thoughts with her special someone during their leisure travel together.

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