Top Destinations for Silver Hunters

Silver HuntersWhat a great combination, treasure hunting and vacation. No worries, no phone, no computer, and silver as a reward. It can be done and there is an industry that supports such activity. Many themed vacations are available, from scuba diving for sunken ships to metal detecting your way to riches. Trips to England, the Florida Keys, or Nevada are all available and profitable for the right person or lucky family who wants to invest in silver. Time or money, whatever you invest, there are destinations to fulfill your silver wants and needs.

The Florida Keys offer many opportunities for silver hunters. There are scheduled treasure hunts over known wrecks in the area, and there are searches for uncharted wrecks. How great would it be to find a new sunken pirate ship full of silver and gold? Always research the tours you join to be certain they are licensed and legal, and enjoy the thrill of treasure hunting. On land or by sea, the chance of finding silver in the Florida Keys is abundant. Since the 16th century travelers and explorers have been visiting the Florida Keys. The coral reefs of the area also contribute to the abundance of ship wrecks. Treasure hunting on vacation is a hobby of many who visit the many available beaches that make up the Florida Keys.

Nevada and the Sierra Nevada Mountains offer silver opportunities as well. If you wish to invest in silver mining, or if you wish to hike and explore abandoned silver mines, it can be done in this region of the U.S. Additionally, looking at the latest trends, silver is increasing in value so the investment is smart. Your metal detector will be helpful on the hiking tours of the area too. The scenery will not be the same as diving for silver in the ocean, but the result can certainly be as pleasing.

Metal detectors can be transported via aircraft should you choose a silver hunting expedition in England. Be aware of the permitting laws and transport rules to take found treasure out of the country though. It is best to work with recommended and licensed groups while metal detecting and treasure hunting, but always educate yourself to laws that could adversely affect you if you found an artifact or very valuable treasure. Many treasure hunters love England and the U.K. for vacations and excursions because it is vastly unexplored. The weather also lends to unearthing more treasure than other vicinities. Rain and water runoff are great to erode and expose layers of previously hidden finds.

In sum, if you are thinking of searching for treasure while on vacation, or investing in silver for profit, it is a good consideration. The risks are few at the moment, and the opportunities are abundant. A small investment in a decent metal detector and a trip to the beach could be the beginning of a new career or at least a few extra dollars in a savings account. Searching for silver while vacationing can also be quite educational. Learning the history of sunken ships, battles, or deserted mining towns can be interesting and valuable. You may discover that you hold the missing key to treasures unimaginable.


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