Top Cruise Destinations of the World

Having a vacation on a cruise is a wonderful experience. You can go to number of beautiful locations on a cruise. The prominent places worth visiting are Hong Kong, New Zealand, the Caribbean Island, the Mediterranean and many others.

Top Cruise Destinations, Photo by Stephen and Katherine on FlickrIf you like to travel by water then planning your vacation on a cruise could be a great idea. You can enjoy a host of activities on a cruise. A vacation on cruise gives you the exciting opportunity of travelling from one place to another partying, fishing, and dining – everything at the same place. Your ship becomes the host to all your activities. You can choose from many top cruise destinations of the world which are very popular with cruise tourists. Hop into a beautiful cruise with your beautiful partner to have a wonderful time.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers great amenities to a tourist and no doubt it attracts thousands of tourists every year. Places worth visiting are the Sam Tung UK Museum, Fan Tin Village and Tai Fu Tai, all situated in the New Territories. These places are known for their cultural activities. You must not miss to visit the popular Lantau Island which attracts tourists to the Po Lin monastery. Hong Kong also provides you the location advantage to visit some other cruise destinations like Singapore, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and China.

Caribbean Islands

Nothing could be a better destination than the Caribbean Islands for a cruise tourist. West Indies have many beautiful beaches and natural locations which are major attractions. The best thing about these island nations is that you could hop from one place to another within a short span of time. Its beautiful resorts and spas give a luxurious treatment to the visitors.

Australia and New Zealand

Though these Oceania countries had never been a popular cruise destination but recently with the addition of some exotic spots these countries have gained popularity with cruise tourists. Mesmerizing glaciers and hidden beaches make these countries a top draw.


If you don’t have much time to spare for your vacation then you must consider a short trip to Baja in Mexico. It has many beautiful beaches.

The Mediterranean

If you want to enjoy your vacation in Europe then going for a cruise vacation in the Mediterranean could be a good option. The place is gifted with extraordinary natural beauty and has some many fine places to dine at. Some of the ports worth visiting in the Mediterranean region are Cartagena, Palma, Barcelona, Cannes, Marbella and host of many beautiful Roman cities.


Though this majestic city falls in the Mediterranean region, it deserves special mention for its unique beauty which you cannot find at other places.


Alaska is the most popular cruise destination in the Pacific Northwest region. You can admire the beauty of picturesque locations, glaciers and even whales. This American state also has many parks and excursion spots.

Virgin Islands

This US Island has a typical charm which attracts tourists all over the world. It is less commercialised than other places in US and you would definitely love your vacation here.

If you love cold weather then you must take a cruise trip to Antarctica to see the cute penguins, beautiful glacier cliffs and mammoth icebergs.

South Pacific

South Pacific is a popular destination for a cruise vacation. The places to visit in this region are Fiji and Polynesia.

These top 10 cruise vacation destinations are top pick by the tourists. Choose your cruise destination based on time available to you and your budget for the vacation.


Jim Arthur is a luxury cruise owner. He operates his business from Paris. He is himself a qualified cruise pilot.

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