6 Top Attractions in Caracas, Venezuela

As both the capital city and the largest urban area in the country, Caracas is an essential stop during a trip to Venezuela. This fast-paced city offers a little something for everyone, including museums, cultural attractions, fine dining, shopping, a thriving nightlife scene, and so much more. Here are some of the top attractions in Caracas.

If you’ve never visited the city, consider embarking on a guided tour. Navigating around an unfamiliar area can be difficult, especially a city the size of Caracas. Opting to join a guided tour makes it much easier to get around and allows you to see hidden gems that only locals know about.

Top Attractions in Caracas, Venezuela

Whether this is your first trip to Venezuela, or you’re a seasoned expert in the country, make sure to add the following sites to your Caracas travel itinerary.

Plaza Bolivar

Plaza Bolivar

Serving as the center of old town Caracas, the Plaza Bolivar is a bustling tree-lined tribute to Simon Bolivar, a famed military and political leader. At the center of the plaza stands an equestrian statue, which was cast in Munich, shipped to the city in pieces, and assembled on site.

From there, you can walk to other interesting sites, such as Bolivar’s birthplace, San Francisco Church, and the Caracas capitol building.

Panteón Nacional

Panteón Nacional

Originally a church, the panthéon is now a final resting place for national heroes, including Simon Bolivar. The central nave is dedicated to Simon Bolivar, as his sarcophagus stands in place of the altar. The pantheon is covered with 1930s paintings portraying scenes from Bolivar’s life and a massive crystal chandelier was installed in 1883 on the centennial of his birth.

City Wall

Stretching 2.5 kilometers in length, City Wall is considered one of the best preserved medieval boundaries in the world. The wall has 8 immense gates and 88 towers, rising to a height of 12 meters. Gates protecting the tower are more than 20 meters high. Enjoy sweeping views of Caracas from this gorgeous historical site.

Parque Central

Twin towers of Parque Central, Caracas, Venezuela
Twin towers of Parque Central, Caracas, Venezuela

Located in modern Venezuela, the Parque Central Complex consists of museums, art galleries, a concert hall, stores, restaurants, and cafes. The Twin Towers of the complex, two skyscrapers that have become an architectural icon, are the tallest buildings in South America and the second tallest in Latin America. (Although no cities in Central or South America make the list of cities with the tallest skylines.)

El Hatillo

A Church in El Hatillo
A Church in El Hatillo

This little village in north-east Caracas is a national monument and one of the most popular tourist spots in the Gran Caracas area. In El Hatillo, traditional but cozy houses line the streets, music fills the air, and visitors can sample a wide-variety of delicious, authentic cuisine at local restaurants. Perhaps the village is most famous as a place to purchase authentic crafts and local furniture, as this is one of the major sources of revenue for citizens. An afternoon in El Hatillo will really give you a taste of what live in Venezuela is like.


Teleferico in Caracas By José Antonio Freyre
By José Antonio Freyre – Own work, CC BY-SA 2.5, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=2198999

Although this cable car air transportation system is simply a way to get around the city, riding them has become a fun attraction of its own right. Cabins are suspended from a series of wires that bring cars from station to station. The name of the transport system changes to funicular when the cabins are carrying riders on land.

Caracas is a beautiful city full of interesting gems and wonders. If you’re planning a trip to Venezuela, you simply cannot miss this wonderful city full of tourist attractions.

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