Top 7 Activities to do with Kids in Israel

Israel is the perfect destination for families to spend a fun and exciting vacation. The country is full of fun activities and exciting places perfectly suitable for children. Here are seven of the best kid-friendly activities and places to visit while in Israel:

Luna Park

Luna Park by Ran Yaniv Hartstein on Flickr

Located in the bustling metropolis of Tel Aviv, this exciting amusement park is the place to go to ride some of the world’s most exhilarating roller coasters. Children can also enjoy a ride aboard a swinging pirate ship. Bumper cars, water slides and a ghost train are other options for kids to try while visiting the park. Live music performances provide additional entertainment.

Shefayim Water Park

Shefayim Water Park by

This popular water park situated just 20 minutes outside of Tel Aviv features thrilling waterslides and a series of large pools. Visitors can find a floating inner tube ride as well. The park also includes three food courts and a shaded area perfect for picnics. A paintballing and motor park complex adjacent to the park gives children the chance to try other types of recreational activities.

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens

Tisch Family Zoological Gardens by The Jewish Agency for Israel on Flickr

Families taking Israel tours can make a stop in the city of Jerusalem to visit this notable attraction. This expansive park gives children the chance to see exotic birds, majestic zebras and adorable wild rabbits up close. Other animal inhabitants include lions, cheetahs and chimpanzees. Children who like to see reptiles can visit exhibits featuring black pythons, tree frogs and leopard geckos. The zoo also offers in-depth educational programs for kids.

Kalia Beach

Kalia Beach by b1mbo on Flickr

This Dead Sea beach is the perfect place to spend a relaxing day with the kids. The water’s high salt content makes it easy to stay afloat. Many children will also like the fact that they can take a mud bath while soaking in the sea’s therapeutic elements. Showers are available to clean off after a day of aquatic fun.

Mount Hermon Ski Resort

Mt. Hermon Ski Center

Families visiting Israel during the winter season can take the children to this illustrious ski resort on Mount Hermon. The mountain is also considered to be the highest point above sea level in Israel. The resort features 14 different sites for skiing and snowboarding. Children who wish to explore their daring side can try performing different tracks at the resort’s terrain park.

Canada Center

Ice Rink at the Canada Center

Located in the town of Metula, this recreation complex gives kids the opportunity to try many different kinds of activities. The center features a basketball court, a swimming pool and two squash auditoriums. The center is also home to Israel’s largest ice rink. Visitors can even find a bowling court and a buffet restaurant within the complex.

Holon Children’s Museum

Holon Children's Museum

This museum located in the city of Holon is the perfect place for children to spend the day as they learn about new subjects. Interactive exhibits catering to children of all ages provide fun and educational value. Kids can also further explore their imaginations by visiting the museum’s enchanted forest.

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