Top 5 Travel Gadgets To Take With You On A Trip

Whether you are hitting the slopes for a winter weekend getaway or traveling for your next business meeting, travel gadgets offer a variety of benefits. From organizing your gear to enjoying your favorite music, these five gadgets will bring convenience and the comforts of home to wherever you might be staying without taking over your luggage.

Our Favorite Travel Gadgets

Travel Gadgets - Memory Card

1. Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Memory Card

Digital cameras make it easier than ever to capture every moment of your travels. However, unless you are carrying a bundle of cables or keep multiple memory cards in your bag, you are often limited by the available storage on your device. The Eye-Fi Mobile X2 offers an 8-gigabyte SD memory card with built-in wireless functionality. All photos that you take are automatically synchronized to your free Eye-Fi cloud storage wherever you have wireless Internet access. Photos are available for up to 7 days after they are uploaded to make saving your pictures simple. Upgrading to a premium storage account offers permanent access as well as integration with social media services. The Eye-Fi card can also transfer pictures to the Eye-Fi application on your PC, Mac, Android or Apple device. Once images have been safely stored, the memory card automatically deletes the existing shots to ensure there is always space for your next picture.

Travel Router

2. Belkin Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router

Wireless Internet access at hotels can be slow and expensive. Wired connections offer limited use and make it difficult to use more than one Internet-enabled device at once. The Belkin Wireless Dual-Band Travel Router offers an easy fix to these problems. One-button pairing for any WPS-enabled device makes set up simple as well. Even with multiple devices connected, wireless transfer speeds of up to 150Mbps ensure a reliable and responsive browsing experience. The router comes with a convenient carrying case, multiple power adapters and a low-profile network cable to keep your luggage clutter-free and provide easy connection around the world.

Jawbone Jambox

3. JawBone Jambox

The Jambox offers big sound from a little package. Weighing less than a pound, the Jambox fits into the average purse, backpack or suitcase with ease. This portable speaker can connect with any Bluetooth-enabled device or use a standard 3.5-millimeter headphone jack to provide up to 15 hours of entertainment on a single charge. The Jambox also features a noise-canceling microphone for easy conference calls or keeping in touch with friends and family. When paired with a mobile device, the speaker can interact with a variety of apps, including Google Voice and Pandora, to provide increased functionality. All of this is available from a box that is less that 6-inches long and 2-inches wide.

Solar Charger

4. Changers Solar Charger

Whether you are enjoying the great outdoors or simple forgot your power converter, the Changers Solar Charger offers plenty of power to charger your travel gadgets using nothing more than sunlight. Two suction cups and anchoring slots make it easy to affix the charger to your hotel window, tent or car window. Under optimal lighting, the panel can charge its included battery pack in just a few hours. One charge can refill an iPhone battery multiple times, easily recharge most eReaders and provide a quick boost to most tablets. The Changers Solar Charger also features a full-size USB port for easy charging of an additional device while charging the battery pack as well.

Powerbag Travel Gadgets

5. Powerbag

With all of the gadgets the average person uses from day to day, the number of cords, adapters and devices carried around is higher than ever. When on vacation, this list of devices could be larger still thanks to cameras and other items. The Powerbag series offers a line of messenger bags, backpacks and brief cases designed specifically for those people with plenty of travel gadgets. Each Powerbag features a high-capacity battery pack and multiple cable adapters to provide easy access to charging while on the move. Powerbags are also designed to provide added protection and accessibility for your gadgets by using padded linings and pockets. This means that when your phone, camera, music player or other device gets low on juice while you are enjoying your vacation, you can simply plug it into your bag and enjoy hours of additional use.


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