Top 5 Tips to Ensure Stress Free Luxury Holidays

Beautiful August Morning (Llyn Crafnant) Wales

Image by Cj Roberts via Flickr

If you’ve gone through the long hard hours working to save for a luxury holiday, you need to enjoy it. Whether luxury to you means sitting on a beach and sipping cocktails, trekking across the Arctic before retreating to your cosy hotel or playing bingo on a cruise ship, you’ve earned the hard cash to be there. So it’s time to enjoy it! Holidays are for removing ourselves from the strains and stresses of everyday life, do not take them with you. Far too many people rush around on holiday and don’t give themselves enough time to completely unwind and before they know it, they’re back home. Here are a few tips which should help ease your mind and enhance your holiday experience:

1: Book EVERYTHING in advance

It may sound too organised and borderline boring, particularly if you’re of a more spontaneous nature, but booking in advance can save precious holiday time and even money! Whether you’re looking to book a table at a restaurant or a pamper day at a spa, practically everything can now be booked with ease either online or through your travel operator. Don’t waste those holiday minutes that you’ve paid for. If you book things in advance you’re on the road to a smooth, hassle free holiday.

2: Plan Your Finances

Luxury holidays can be relatively expensive and that’s why it’s important to always plan your finances in advance. Imagine the disappointment in booking a luxury holiday and then not be able to take advantage of the wonderful extras or local amenities. If you’re travelling with a partner, we all know how small arguments and disagreements can occur because of the stress of managing money. Nip that in the bud and come to an agreement well in advance. If possible always think to yourself that you need to account for at least double the cost of the flight and accommodation for spending money and you should be fine. Always take different forms of payment such as card, cheque and travellers cheques where necessary.

3: Make a Checklist

At least two to three weeks before your holiday, make a checklist with all the things you need to take on holiday. This includes clothes, documentation and any prescribed medication. It’s important to stock up on any prescribed medication just in case your return journey gets delayed. Aim at getting at least n additional two weeks supply.

Having a checklist, in theory, means that you won’t be rushing around at the last minute trying to find something you hadn’t through about. Share your checklist with a partner or whoever you’re travelling with as they will often identify something you may have missed.

4: Check Your Passport

As soon as you book your holiday, organising your own and your family passports should be the first thing you do. This single document can make or break whether you are going on holiday or not! Remember, sometimes errors on passport application forms, and applications during peak travel periods can cause delays.

5: Get Healthy

Some people tend to try and lose weight or tone up before holidays for self esteem and a little bit of vanity so they can look their best for holiday photos. However there is an even more important reason, if you feel good in yourself, you’ll get more done! Naturally, you tend to do a lot of walking and sightseeing on holiday so you need to be prepared. You don’t want to start having aches and pains after your first day out. If you prepare and hit the gym or go for some long walks before your holiday you can loosen up in advance.

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