Top 5 Tips for Staying Healthy while Traveling

Exercising while TravelingDid you know that a lot of travelers fall sick while traveling? While visiting a new place and eating food that your body is not used to, you could develop an upset stomach. People who regularly exercise and work out may not be able to do the same while they are on holiday. Recently I took a 2-week holiday at a beautiful resort in Kerala, and came back rejuvenated from the trip. Here are a few tips to help you stay fit and healthy on your next holiday.


You should make sure to take your vitamins everyday because it will help maintain or even strengthen your immune system. You are definitely more vulnerable to viruses when you are visiting a foreign country. 

Visit a doctor

If you are traveling internationally and for a longer period of time, you should make it a point to get yourself checked up by your local doctor before you travel and also get all the required shots you need to avoid catching anything. This way you also know the status of your health, and if you are healthy enough to travel on a long holiday. 


It is best to exercise when you can so you can maintain a healthy body. Make sure to make it a routine thing so you can be in shape while traveling. You may not be able to hit the gym regularly while you are traveling, but you can definitely spare 30 minutes for a quick run. Just make sure to carry your running shoes on your next holiday. Lots of resorts and hotels have an in-house gym. Do your research before you book your hotel stay to find our what exercise options are there in your hotel. Some hotels do more than provide just a gym. Prakruthi, one of the best resorts in Bangalore, has differentiated itself by providing more outdoor activities like biking or zorbing for their guests. Invest in a hotel that gives you the options to exercise.

Eat well

You should make it a habit to eat a balanced meal. One way you can maintain a good eating habit while traveling is by writing down what you ate. You should always eat three times a day and implement all the food groups in your diet. Vegetables and fruits should be a major part to your diet if you want to stay healthy while traveling. One way you can maintain this habit is by stocking your hotel fridge with healthy food like yogurt, fruits, vegetables as well as any healthy snacks that are available.

Avoid Junk Food

The final tip to staying healthy while traveling is to avoid eating food that are bad for you specifically fast food. Try to avoid eating junk food or anything with too much sugar. You are more prone to getting sick when you eat things that are high in sugar as well as high in cholesterol. Stick to food that will keep you healthy meaning more fruits and vegetable than red meat.

You should keep these tips in mind while traveling. It will definitely keep you from catching any flu and you will be able to maintain your momentum and have a high sense of energy. If you are someone who is traveling on business, then you should definitely keep these tips in mind. You want to make sure that you are always in the best shape when it deals with representing your company.


Natasha Dogre is a freelance journalist and regularly writes article for Primus Public School Bangalore.

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