Top 5 Things to do in Corsica

There are very few areas across the world that can match Corsica’s diverse landscape. On this French island you’ll find lush pine trees adorning the glistening mountain lakes, fine golden sand bordering crystal clear bays and snow capped mountain tops acting as the backdrop to impressive canyons and cliffs. If you’ve already chosen, or are considering Corsica as your next holiday destination you’ll have the opportunity to experience the best the world has to offer – all on one island. So throw in your beach towels alongside your hiking boots, we’ve got a varied and thrilling top 5 to break down!

1: Hit the Beach

Corsica is packed with over 800 incredible desert beaches. Wherever you go in Corsica you are sure to be able to find a secluded beach or uninhibited cove to cool off in. The main town of Calvi hosts it’s very own popular bay and is a popular choice for weekend breaks. The town of Piani is also ideal for beach-goers and is home to unspoiled pure waters. Water temperatures remain high all year round and can reach up to 25 degrees in the summer months, which is great for anyone who enjoys taking a dip in the ocean! Other equally inviting beaches include those in Ille Rousse and Santa Giulia. If you’re feeling childish you can undoubtedly unleash the sandcastle architect in you!

A Beach Umbrella in Corsica

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2: On Your Hike

To put it mildly, Corsica is pretty rocky. In fact, its rollercoaster terrain is one of the most mountainous in Europe. There are over 50 mountain peaks which top the 2000 metre mark; some hardened hikers actually argue that there may be even more than this. The ultimate hiking challenge is to take on the GR20 trail, its name is indeed as daunting as it would suggest.  This 100 mile trail stretches through the heart of the island and is largely considered as one of the most thrilling hiking trails in the world.  Give those calves a workout and witness some beautiful scenery on route. Give yourself enough time though, it takes around 15 days from start to finish.

Mountains in Corsica

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3: Do Your Homework

So all that hiking work might not be what some people consider as the perfect holiday. You might be searching for luxury villas in areas of rich culture and history. Corsica has that too! Historic attractions include the 16th century citadel and wonderful harbor in Bastia and 15th century fortress in the town of Corte. If you really want to go home feeling like a Corsican native, take a trip to Erbalunga where they frequently host music festivals. The town of Haute Ville is encapsulating with its various churches, ancient houses and even medieval battlements! It’s cool to be a bit geeky, enjoy your homework!

The Citadel in Corsica

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4: Let Your Hair Down

Some people just want to go on holiday, drink a little more wine than usual and leave with a healthy glow. Corsica offers you that opportunity in the most luxurious possible setting. Holidays in Corsica are not renowned for their vibrant nightlife which means at this stage it is an ideal location to enjoy a cocktail or three without being interrupted by hoards of ravers. Bonifacio harbour and Porto Vecchio offer several bars and sleek nightclubs where you’ll be able to enjoy a sophisticated tipple.

Night Life in Corsica

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5: Eat and Then Eat Some More

Corsica takes the best of France and Italy and blends them down into a tasty holiday dressing. In other words, there are plenty of restaurants and the food is of the highest quality! Traditional Corsican dishes include Charcuterie, wild boar, lobster (and various seafood meals) and innumerably amounts of cheeses to compliment your fine wine. Corsican cuisine is earthy, healthy and divine. No trip to Corsica is complete without trying the traditional Corsican desert of Fiadone which is a cheesecake made from Borcciu. Enjoy!


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