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Top 5 Things to Do in Branson, Missouri

Branson, MO is a hidden travel gem with so much to offer for any visitor. Whether you like the quiet serenity of nature or want something faster paced Branson is the perfect vacation destination. Here are 5 must see attractions that showcase why Branson is a great place to visit.

1. Live Shows

Credit Paul Frederickson, Licensed under Creative Commons

One of the things Branson is most well-known for is its live music shows. There are countless musical acts to choose from, there is something for every mood. Set up so that the theaters are lining a strip, these shows are easy to get to. Many theaters offer multiple shows per day, giving visitors plenty of opportunity to catch the world-famous music.

Live shows are definitely the most popular of things to do in Branson!

2. Marvel Cave

This historical landmark is tucked beneath Silver Dollar City. Marvel is Missouri’s deepest cave visitors will descend 500 feet to explore the beauty. This is a wet limestone cave that opened for tours in 1984. The attraction offers a great chance to delve into the history of Branson. Rock formations are still growing there today.

3. Showboat

The Branson showboat tour combines all of the elements that make Branson so enjoyable. Dining, nature, and entertainment come together on this fun cruise. Currently featuring the “Made in the USA” tour, an aerial violinist, an all-male vocal group, comedian, and magician make up the entertaining show. Acts rotate frequently, and guests are treated to a three course meal on board. Visitors will enjoy all of this while taking in the beauty of the lake.

4. The Butterfly Palace

Another unique attraction in Branson is the Butterfly Palace. This educational, interactive exhibit and museum will stand out in any vacation. Over 1,000 butterflies from species all over the world can be found in the Butterfly Palace botanical garden. Tourists will get the chance to interact with these delicate insects. After the butterfly exhibit, head into the Living Rainforest Science Center containing many exotic animals such as scorpions.

5. Branson Titanic

Branson is home to the world’s largest titanic museum and contains over 400 items from the original Titanic vessel. These artifacts include the last menu for first class passengers. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the history of the Titanic through interactive activities. All of this takes place in a replica of the boat that visitors will tour to get a realistic idea of the conditions on the original.

These are just 5 of the countless entertainment options for visitors. This affordable vacation will be unforgettable. Branson offers something for everyone!

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