Top 5 Places with Unsafe Food

One of the most exciting things about travelling is the discovery of new food. This gives your palate an equal chance to wander the globe along with your feet. However, not all foods are as safe to eat as those you find in your home. In other cases, your own cultural food may be somewhat unsafe but you have grown up knowing how to eat it safely. When you visit a new country, you are without this background to preserve you from harm. Consider this list which shows the five most dangerous locales for trying new food.

Top 5 Most Dangerous Places for Food


Fugu Pufferfish Japan

In Japan they serve a delicacy known as the blowfish or pufferfish. This fish looks as dangerous as it is, with sharp spines sticking out at every angle. The liver and the sex organs of this creature contain the deadly poison tetrodotoxin.

Tetrodotoxin is thousands of times more powerful than cyanide. It paralyzes your muscles and prevents you from breathing until you asphyxiate. There is no antidote. A chef must acquire a very difficult-to-achieve license in order to prepare and serve this fish because culinary errors could literally kill customers.

South Korea

Nakji Octopus Stew

The nakji octopus in South Korea is a delicacy that the locals serve almost in a live state. The legs are cut off of a living specimen and put immediately on your plate. This usually results in a mass of still-squirming legs set before you.

These animated legs are meant to be eaten before they quit moving. However, the suckers on these legs are still effective. They can easily attach to the sides of your mouth or throat and cause suffocation. The recommended solution is to chew very thoroughly before swallowing quickly. Drink a lot of water with every bite. Even in a country of expert eaters, about six people die every year while eating this dish.


Ackee Fruit, Jamaica

Jamaica is home to a special fruit that is originally native to West Africa. The ackee fruit, when unripe or overripe, can easily kill a consumer. The black seeds inside this fruit contain hypoglycin, a poison which is frequently responsible for Jamaican vomiting sickness because the ackee is the national fruit and used in popular local dishes. Only when the fruit is properly ripe can it open naturally and reveal the edible flesh. The effects of the poison can go beyond vomiting and lead to coma and death in some cases.


Bullfrogs for Sale in China

The toxins found in the Namibian bullfrog can shut down your kidneys. It is recommended that you eat it only after the third rain of the season has fallen, when the toxin levels are naturally low.



Popular in much of Africa and South America, cassava is ground up into flour in order to make bread. This staple food, however, contains cyanide. Only proper washing before cooking can prevent paralysis and death.

You can avoid problems with these foods by only visiting eating establishments with obviously good reputations. Having a solid personal knowledge of these foods, however, can also help you make plans about emergency food storage ideas when you are travelling in these regions.

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