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Gone are the days where one holiday destination is enough. US holidaymakers are becoming more adventurous with our itineraries and we are no longer content with a dependable, two-week annual getaway where we are fixed in one single place.

Multi centre holidays have grown in popularity, especially in a continent as vast as the USA, where it has become much easier to sample a fascinating combination of, say, 3 nights absorbing the frenzied hum of Las Vegas and a few nights enjoying the colonial splendours of the East Coast cities, for example.

Of course narrowing the whole of the USA down to five hotspots is no easy task; however, here are some of the most popular destination choices for USA twin centre holidays:

Orlando Holidays

Orlando, Florida is a top pick for first-time visitors of America, due to its reliably warm climate and abundance of well-known theme parks and attractions such as Walt Disney World® Resort Florida and Universal Orlando Resort, the Sunshine State as a whole also boasts some of the country’s best beaches, is a prime spot for nature lovers and benefits from a distinct Latin essence. Holidays to Florida can easily be blended with a city break in New York, Las Vegas or even a cultural break somewhere closer like Washington D.C or Boston.

New York Holidays

New York is without a doubt the energetic core of North America, with iconic landmarks and a surreal familiarity that we’ve all seen in the Hollywood films. Flying to the Big Apple has become so affordable that many travellers visit simply for a long weekend of shopping, eating, sightseeing…and more shopping! However, many choose to bolt on a few days here at the beginning or the end of their multi centre holiday as it’s the ideal hub for inbound and outbound UK flights.

Las Vegas Holidays

Despite its distance (an approximate flight time from the UK of 10-11 hours), Las Vegas continues to be key on most people’s wish list for twin centre holidays. The electric buzz of The Strip and nightly world-class entertainment, coupled with the maxim: “What happens in
Vegas, stays in Vegas”, draws in groups of hedonistic friends looking to experience this place that remains unlike no other. New York and Las Vegas twin centre holidays are increasingly popular and very easy to organise, alternatively, try the ‘Golden Triangle’ itinerary, which
also includes West Coast favourites San Francisco and Los Angeles.

San Francisco Holidays

Famed for exquisite seafood and world-class shopping, its 19th-century cable car transportation system, the remarkable Golden Gate Bridge and the notorious former prison, Alcatraz, San Francisco is bursting with things to see and do. You can combine San Francisco with various Californian Oceanside gems like San Jose and Long Beach, but by far the most preferred itinerary is a mixture of L.A, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Los Angeles Holidays

A playground for the beautiful, rich and famous, Los Angeles is perhaps the most alluring USA multi centre holiday destination with its promise of glorious sunshine, boutique-fringed avenues and infamous trendy nightspots. As the third wheel in the Golden Triangle, L.A is often mixed with San Francisco and Las Vegas to create a 10- to 14-night getaway, yet those who go on holidays to Orlando usually enjoy the similar quirkiness and surreal nature of its Californian theme park counterpart.


  1. My wife and I went on a twin centre honeymoon to the cook islands and LA, we had such an amazing time taking in both countries was so amazing.

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