Top 5 Clubs in Bangkok

Because if you’re going all the way to Thailand, you might as well party before you leave! Here are our top five clubs in Bangkok – what they’re about, what makes them special, and most importantly, what kind of people they offer to dance with.

Q Bar, Bangkok, Thailand

#5 – Q Bar

A favorite of tourists and locals alike, Q is a great place to drink, dance, and mingle without blowing your entire vacation budget. Everyone knows the Q, so there’s always something happening and someone new to meet. Best of all, they tend to hire international DJs and bartenders, so even if you strike out with the ladies you can still shoot the breeze with someone.


808 Nightclub, Bangkok, Thailand

#4 – 808 Nightclub

It isn’t much to look at, but what the 808 Nightclub lacks in decor it makes up in atmosphere. Located right on the RCA – the busiest entertainment district in Thailand – this club is cheap, accessible, and a great way to meet new people every night you’re in the country.



Bed Supper Club, Bangkok, Thailand

#3 – Bed Supperclub

Thinking of Thai clubs, you’re probably imagining them like the streets of Bangkok – crowded, confusing, maybe a little wild. Well, “the Bed” throws all those stereotypes right out the window. With white marble walls and modern art everywhere, the Bed is the complete opposite of what you’d expect from a foreign nightclub, and for that reason it’s worth a trip for the novelty alone. Just be sure to brush up on your Thai artists if you want to impress any girls there.

Glow Club, Bangkok, Thailand

#2 – Glow

Glow is the watering ground of the young and trendy, so if you can’t keep up, don’t even bother walking through the front door. If you can handle it, though, you’ll find a hopping club with all the latest music and an ever-changing liqueur menu. Be sure to try a Chaophaya River while you’re there!




Route 66 Club, Bangkok, Thailand

#1 – Route 66

It’s named, of course, for the famous American highway that cuts through a dozen states, and the good news is that it lives up its reputation. The most distinguishing feature of Route 66 is that it offers several different “wings” – each with its own band and dancing area – so you can “travel” between them for an entire night of club hopping without ever leaving the property. Throw in great music, cheap cocktails and a steady weekend crowd, and this is without a doubt the best club in Bangkok.

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