Top 5 Cities in Florida for Travellers

From the historic city of Tallahassee to fiery South Beach in Miami, traveling to the Sunshine State any time of the year brings excitement, fun and adventure. Florida’s near perfect weather and numerous sites of interest make any traveler’s itinerary complete. The people at Sarasota Hotels recommend these activities in each of the most popular cities in Florida.

Things to Do in the Most Popular Cities in Florida


You can find history all around Florida’s capital. This diverse community boasts amazing history museums, homes and art galleries. One particular destination you must see is the Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park. Filled with beautiful plants, trees and other foliage, the gardens of this state park are worth a visit.

Port St. Lucie Golf Course

Port St. Lucie Golf Course

Port St. Lucie

If golf is your thing, then Port St. Lucie is the place for you. Three community golf courses within the PGA Village offer tee time to amateurs and pros alike. A golf museum and several other interesting historical sites in the village are at your disposal. Port St. Lucie is also home to the beautiful Port St. Lucie Botanical Gardens and the St. Lucie River. Kayaking, canoeing and fishing are all wonderful ways to enjoy the pristine natural scenery of this historic city.


This popular and much-visited city features four family-oriented amusement parks. Sea World, Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Studios and nearby LEGOLAND make every child’s visit memorable. More entertainment can be found along International Drive. It is hard to choose which one to visit first but with the right planning, you can see them all.

Dinosaur World near Tampa, Florida

Dinosaur World near Tampa, Florida


Heading down south puts you right in the heart of Florida’s most diverse cities. Home to Busch Gardens and Adventure Island, Tampa’s culinary, performance arts and museum venues will keep you coming back year after year. Your kids will love Dinosaur World, where 150 larger-than-life dinosaur replicas take your children back to prehistoric times. A unique animatronics exhibit, boardwalk and cave’s display make perfect distractions for little ones.

South Beach in Miami, Cities in Florida

South Beach in Miami


Couples seeking the ultimate romantic vacation must make a trip to Miami’s South Beach. Described as trendy, exciting and adventurous, South Beach in Miami Beach is not for kids. During the day, its sandy beaches beckon avid sun worshippers who love the warmth of Florida’s sun. When night arrives, dance clubs and swanky bars open their doors. LIV Nightclub is one place you should add to your itinerary. The club features a lively crowd and live performances from the hottest performers in Miami and beyond.


Author Karlee Wiggins blogs about her travels and experiences to cities in Florida, and in her spare time she likes to listen to music and read. 

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