Top 4 Tips to Reduce Fears of Flying


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Boarding and ultimately travelling via airplane can be a very stressful process for a lot of people. This could be due to a fear of flying itself, a fear of heights, or simply not feeling comfortable being on a plane for long periods of time.

Although a fear of flying may be something that accompanies a holiday – it shouldn’t be something that puts you off travelling via this method of transportation. A recent report stated that a man who was once scared of flying, has recently completed 10m miles of airtime with United Airlines (which has subsequently led a plane to be named after him) – so there are ways to overcome the fear.

For the people, like us, who can’t afford the cost or time associated with racking up 10m worth of air miles to cure a fear of flying, take a look at our helpful tips below to ease your worries.

Holiday Planning

Essentially, the trick while on a plane is to keep yourself occupied. One of the greatest ways to do this is to keep your mind focussed on the other side of your journey (ie. your holiday destination).

Although you may have finished all the planning and preparation associated with your holiday, take some brochures on the plane with you, or a book to read about things to do and see while you are away. Although this tactic may not keep you busy for the entire flight, it can help you get in the mindset of your holiday, while also providing some reading material along the way.


Once upon a time, people were unable to use laptops on planes due to certain restrictions – but they are now common place on long-haul flights. Once you are up in the air, use your laptop to watch a few pre-loaded films or TV shows – anything that will be fairly engaging and keep your mind off things as you travel. Although you may not be able to use the internet while on a plane, any offline movies you can keep on the hard drive should keep you busy for a few hours.


A fairly straight-forward one. If you think you will struggle to sleep while in the air, then perhaps get up a couple of hours earlier than your alarm clock was initially going to be set for.

An Understanding

Away from tricks to keep your mind occupied while aboard the plane, knowledge of the plane (and flying in general) should help to put your mind at ease (at least a bit). Without wanting to become too cliché, the latest plane technologies make flying remarkably safe. As long as you are flying with a reputable airline, then even if the worst did happen, there are an endless list of safety features that will should help to relieve some of your fears.

Whatever your preferred method of “getting through” the flight is, you fundamentally just need to remember to remain calm. Many people throughout the world fly on a weekly basis, including many famous people; actors, celebrities, sports stars. The risk of anything going wrong on a plane is extremely low, and apart from some mild turbulence you may experience, a plane ride can be as smooth as a journey on land.

The biggest object to overcome for a lot of frequent flyers is boredom as opposed to a fear. Short flights won’t be a problem in terms of keeping yourself occupied, but for the longer ones, make sure you stock up on enough ideas to keep you busy for the duration.

The above was a guest post by family camping holiday provider Thomson Al Fresco – specialising in mobile home holidays throughout Europe.

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