Top 10 Biggest Skylines of the World

A skyline is described as the overall view of the tall buildings and structures of a city. It consists of many skyscrapers. The skylines are like the fingerprints of a city. None of them look similar to each other. Many television shows, movies, sports programs use the skylines as their respective locations. The top ten biggest skylines are as follows:

Hong Kong Skyline

1. Hong Kong: Hong Kong is at the top of the list. The population is about 6.9 million. There are 43 buildings which are above 200m. It has also many unique tall towers which are decorated with wonderful night lightings. The backdrop mountain makes the city look more attractive and beautiful. Few examples of tall structures are Central Plaza, Cheung Kong Center, etc.

Chicago Skyline

2. Chicago: The first high structure of steel built in 1885 was not exactly the tallest building, but the design was an example about the new style of engineering. There are 19 buildings which are above 200 metres. The population of Chicago counts about 9.5 million. It has some finest architecture and modern skyscrapers in the world like Sears Tower, Aon Center, John Hancock Center, etc.

Shanghai Skyline

3. Shanghai: The most advanced and largest city in China is Shanghai. The population is about 13.1 million. In Shanghai there are about 25 buildings which are above 200 metres. Two of them are the 468m high Oriental pearl tower and the 490m Shanghai world financial center.

New York Skyline

4. New York: The skyline of New York contains various designs of the architectural buildings. The population of the city is 21.0 million. One can recognize the skyline very easily. It is considered to be the earliest skyline in the world. Few examples are Rockefeller Center, New York Times building, Chrysler Building, etc. The New York has the highest collection of 48 buildings which are above 200 meters.

Tokyo Skyline

5. Tokyo, Japan: Tokyo, Japan has the highest population in the world. It is about 32.0 million. The skyline has certain distinct features which are different from the other skylines. 15 structures in the city are over 200 meters. Tokyo Tower has a special night lighting which changes its colours every night. The buildings have contemporary architecture and are decorated with an effect of neon lighting for beautiful night reflection. Almost every corner of Tokyo seems to have its own distinct skyline.

Singapore Skyline

6. Singapore: Singapore is the cleanliest and the best planned city all over the world. The population is comparatively lesser than the other cities as it counts 3.8 million. Due to the restriction of the air control traffic the buildings should be lower than 280 meters. There are 8 buildings that are over 200 meters and exactly 3 of them are 280 meters. The famous structures include Republic Plaza, OUB Plaza, etc.

Toronto Skyline

7. Toronto, Canada: The population in Toronto, Canada is 5.1 million. It has 11 structures over 200 meters and one of them is the CN Tower. The CN tower makes the skyline most identifiable. The Royal Ontario Museum has a variety of collection of architecture. Since 2009, 4 structures above 200 meters were formed. Toronto Trump Tower is one of them.

Kuala Lampur Skyline

8. Kuala Lumpur: The skyline of Kuala Lumpur is very impressive and it is not so dense. The buildings are allowed to stand out individually. The population is 1.5 million. The Petronas Twin Towers (420m) is the highest structure in Kuala Lumpur. The other taller structures are Maybank Tower, Telecom Tower, etc.

Shenzhen Skyline

Shenzhen Skyline

9. Shenzhen: The population of the city is 4.2 million. It has 13 buildings which are above 200 meters. Shun Hing Square is in the 8th position among the tallest buildings. After the sunset the city looks awesome due to its well designed skyline. The skyline is criticized sometimes due to the reason of smog in the city.

Seoul Skyline

10. Seoul: The skyline of the city contains clusters of business as well as residential buildings. There are exactly 10 buildings which are above 200 meters. The population is 20.8 million. The skyline has the combination of both ancient and modern architecture buildings.

The skylines of the above mentioned cities reflect the real beauty and the modern architecture. They are the symbolic locations which make the city look more attractive and beautiful.

About the Guest Author – Uttoran Sen is a blogger and a traveler since 2000, he loves to travel various places from around the world and write them down on his travel blog. For more travel guides on Maldives or Malaysia, please visit travel tamed.


  1. I always say that it is better to build up than out. With the population density of some of these cities, it is amazing to think about how many people live is such a small area. I can’t imagine what they will look like in 20 or 50 years.

  2. Paul, it’s funny, some cities have no choice. I lived for 5 years in Houston, TX, and the urban sprawl was insane. It took 90-120 minutes to drive from the west suburb to the east side of town.

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