Top 10 Best Airports of the World

If you are travelling through air, to enter and exit a country, you will have to pass through their airport. This is not only a place to book and wait for flights, it can also be a representation of the destination that you are about to get in. There is a reason why so many countries around the world ensure that they provide their airport with the most welcoming and homey feel as possible. A good airport can also imprint a good impression on the city or country that it is in.

Charles de Gaulle International Airport

El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona

Going into this airport in Barcelona, you would think that you are entering a shopping mall instead of an airport. In fact, it has been reported that it makes more money out of their stores than flights. Many people, however, seem to enjoy this setup as compared to the hectic activities of a typical airport.

Santos Dumont, Rio de Janeiro

It is not exactly the actual airport that tourists adore. Rather, it is that thrilling airplane descent past the mountains as the runway is approached. Upon landing, the plane will pass the Sugarloaf Mountain and then down a short waterslide. Currently, this airport is serving domestic flights only.

Dulles, Washington DC

Finnish-American architect created this as a part of a duo celebration of the jet age. Built in 1962, the Dulles Washington with its concrete roof, concave side down, and angled pillars have long then become the theme of typical airport designs even up to today.

Kansai, Osaka

The very main feature about this airport is its roof. It rises and falls, is reminiscent of a big wave, and then morphs into long, tapering tubes as it goes into the departure gates. The entire airport is built atop an artificial island and offers a very glorious look of the structure from above.

Check Lap Kok, Hong Kong

This airport in Hong Kong offers the most calming views of vaults along with breathtaking views of the planes and mountains through a big and clear glass. This airport also houses a number of shops where departing tourists can do their last-minute shopping for goodies and souvenirs.

Barajas, Madrid

A swoopy roof is also a big feature of this airport. However, the mechanical feeling that the tourists will get from the building stops there. The ceiling has been lined with the soothing bamboo and the steel struts have been painted with a variety of colors.

Charles de Gaulle, Paris

With a concrete cylinder designed with crisscrossed glass tubes in their travelators, tourists would think that they are in some sort of futuristic fantasy. Such playful and exciting architecture also features outside roads that have been swept up with vertiginous bridges.

Banjul, Gambia

The airport in Banjul has very little similarities to some of the most typical airport designs. It goes a little more wing-like. It features an arch in the center with a bigger and inverted on atop it. A tongue-like canopy sticks out from this structure.

Changi, Singapore

With fish tanks, fountains, and plants; the Changi airport is far from being a metaphor for flight. What this airport did instead is that is served as a symbol of the grounds that tourists are about to walk in. it has a flat roof that has been fitted with shutters and louvers to let the light in.

King Abdulaziz, Jeddah

The place of arrival for Mecca, the airport has been designed with a 120-acre canopy composed with a series of tents to handle the passengers during the annual hajj.

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