Toddlers and Flights – Follow 5 Tips to Overcome the Challenges

Long flights, delays and connections can make traveling stressful, and even a nightmare when infants and toddlers are in tow. Flying with children doesn’t have to prove challenging. Anticipating your child’s necessities and planning ahead of time will ensure you’re prepared to meet their needs throughout the duration of your trip.

Toddlers and Flights by ryaninc on Flickr

You can be equipped to do battle with everything that your child throws your way so the excursion will be less stressful for everyone involved. You’ll find an assortment of ideas below that will aid in your toddler’s comfort and happiness when traveling by plane.

1. Arrive Early

Getting to the airport well before your flight takes off can alleviate tension and aggravation before a trip. Depending on when your flight leaves, you’ll need to allow plenty of time to check in and pass through security. If you find that you have additional time, you can help your child expend some energy by walking around before boarding the plane.

2. Fly During Nap Time

Try to schedule your trip around your infant’s nap time if you can. This will keep them on schedule and help you have as much quiet time as possible when traveling.

3. Pack Meals and Snacks

Airports have a wide selection of foods, but they may not be healthy and age appropriate for your child. You can pack some of your child’s favorite foods and snacks and make sure that they are easily accessible when on the plane. If your child uses a bottle or drinks juice, make sure you have the right equipment and utensils handy for them to eat when they are ready. Any delays can set the mood for a cranky and unsettled child.

4. Watch for Pain and Discomfort

If this is your first flight with your child, they may experience discomfort due to the changes in air pressure. Clogged ears and popping could cause them pain when taking off or landing. Toddlers and young infants may find that pacifiers or a bottle helps in easing their discomfort. To keep their nasal passage ways open, you should keep them hydrated with plenty of fluids.

5. Keep Them Occupied and Comfortable

Do pack any items that provide comfort and familiarity such as a baby blanket, small pillow or favorite toy that they sleep with. As space allows, packing a small variety of their favorite toys can keep your child preoccupied. To avoid irritating other passengers on the plane, you’ll want to find items that are quiet. For extra focus and engagement, wrap a few new toys such as found at in brightly colored paper and ribbon for them to open once you board the plane.

Your diaper bag should be at the ready to handle their toileting needs. You should also pack the necessary accessories such as lotions, wipes and ointments. An extra change of clothes for your toddler can come in handy in case of messy situations. You should also pack an extra shirt for yourself in case your toddler spits up or has an accident.

Traveling with a toddler doesn’t have to be a test of endurance. When you prepare ahead of time and have access to some of their favorite comforts from home, you’ll be able to make the trip stress-free for the child and for you.

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