Tips to Prepare Your Dog for a Long Road Trip

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Are you planning a long road trip with your pet pooch? Although a road trip is longer than a ride to the store or park, it can be just as enjoyable for your dog. Here are some tips to prepare you and your canine for such trips:

1. Learn How “Pet-Friendly” A Hotel Is

If you’re going to stay in a hotel, then it’s crucial to learn how accommodating it is for pets. Keep in mind that just because a hotel allows pets, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s “pet-friendly.” For instance, it might have certain restrictions, such as the maximum weight that a visiting pet can be or even what kinds of dog breeds are/aren’t allowed. So before visiting a particular hotel, learn exactly how accommodating it is for canines.

2. Use a Pickup Truck with Caution

Do dogs enjoy the open air that a ride in the back of a pickup truck can provide? Yes, but you should generally avoid taking your dog on road trips, while they ride in the back of pickup trucks. There are the most obvious reasons that the dog can fall out or jump out of the truck. However, even a harness or leash won’t secure the dog properly. The only viable option would be to place your dog in a carrier. Even if you use this option, make sure to use a custom-made carrier that can be secured to the truck.

3. Bring an Identity Tag

These are convenient tags that you can easily attach to your dog’s collar. It contains vital information for identifying your dog, and contacting you if you’re dog gets lost during a road trip. Regardless of how careful you are during a trip, there’s always a chance that you could be separated from your pooch.

4. Plan ahead

Just as you should take this step when planning for your own road trip, so you should spend enough time planning for your pet dog’s travel. This should include planning and packing everything that you’ll need for the trip. The essentials should include food, bowls, medications, a first-aid kid, and so on. You should also bring a supply of water from home. The quality of water varies from place-to-place, so there’s no guarantee that your dog won’t have any problems digesting it.

5. Make “Pit Stops” Every Hour or So

Dogs, like humans, need breaks from traveling, so whether your trip is two hours or two days make a “pit stop” every hour or so. This will help to prevent your dog from getting car sick, and will also allow it to stretch its legs or relieve itself.

6. Never Leave Your Dog Unattended In a Hotel Room

Remember that he or she is in a new and strange place. Leaving your dog in the room unattended could be quite unsettling for your pooch. So if you go out at nighttime, bring your dog along.

Long road trips with your dog can also be good ones. These aforementioned tips can help to make them a memorable one for both you and your canine.


About the Author: Stacy is a dog blogger for OMDS, the popular dog supplies store for travel bowls, organic treats and so much  more.


  1. It is extremely important when traveling with a dog in a vehicle that the dog be properly secured. Whether riding in the cabin or in the back of a pickup truck the dog needs to be in a dog crate, a dog carrier, or a dog car seat. This is not only a safety measure for the dog, but for everyone on the roadway. If the trip requires and over night stay in a motel take a pop up dog play pen with you.

  2. Thanks for these lovely tips i think if you follow proper precautions you will never face a problem with your pet.

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