Tips to Keep You and Your Valuables Safe while Traveling

Hotel Safety“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

Whenever you are given the opportunity to travel you should grab it firmly with both hands. Travel enriches the soul and allows you to observe new places, sights and people, it is a wondrous thing. Although with any form of travel there comes the worry of “what if…” Keeping your valuables secure is often in the forefront of people’s minds and losing a bank card can often result in an uncomfortable and frustrating experience.

Here are some helpful pieces of advice to make your trip as stress free as possible.

1. Sleep with your Valuables

Not everywhere of course but you need to adapt to your surroundings. You won’t be tucked up in a 5 star hotel room all of the time and you will likely find yourself sleeping on trains, boats, or a hostel. When you are in public places and need to sleep it is advisable that you keep valuables such as money, bank cards and your passport on your person. Invest in a money belt that ties around your waist and which you can put underneath your clothing.

2. SAFEty first

When you are travelling to a new place or country and are about to book your hostel make sure you look for rooms that include a safe. If this is not possible, check the reviews to see what they say about the security of the hostel/hotel. Most hostels offer safes in the room or provide you with a key to access a safe behind reception.

3. Make sure you get Insurance

Sounds silly but you would be surprised how many people think it won’t happen to them. Insurance will depend on the length of your trip and also where you are going. Ensure that you look into the terms and conditions and don’t just pick the cheapest option as they usually offer a lower amount on lost/stolen/damaged property. One key point to your insurance is to ensure you are covered for any activities that you might participate in along the way. Your insurance is invalid if you get hurt skydiving if you didn’t specify this might be an activity in your original document.

4. Pre-paid Credit

There is nothing worse than discovering your credit or debit card has been lost or racking up charges that you never made. Now imagine that situation abroad in unfamiliar surroundings and the situation becomes a whole lot worse. Pre-paid cards can be credited with a pre-determined amount. This lets you feel comfortable in the knowledge that if you lose or have the card stolen you are only at risk of losing a maximum amount.   You can ‘top up’ the card at any point during your travels over the internet. You can again specify the amount and this process can really help keep your risk to fraud to a minimum.

5. Track your Luggage

They have been a spate of reports that thieves are now targeting travellers at airports by writing down the addresses on baggage tags and then informing others to pay the home a visit. You should always write your address down just in case your bag is misplaced but to do it safely you should place the address and contact details INSIDE your luggage. If your tags get ripped off the bags you need to make sure that someone can reunite you with your luggage.

This article was written in association with Yale home alarm systems who have experience in keeping people safe and protected.

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